Bill Maher and Senator Sasse Make Plantation “Ni**er” Jokes

Bill Maher and Senator Sasse Make Plantation “Ni**er” Jokes

There are no more walls are boundaries when it comes to racial epithets because White culture has appropriated Black culture like a parasite in a host. While living in Yonkers, New York, I encountered White young men who referred to each other as “My ni**er” and this was clearly a case of imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Even the lowest social economic class in Black America left such an impression of the hood that too needed to be adopted. This act of mimicking was adopted because there is a “cool” factor within the Black culture the way they show affection between each other. 

The difference is they call each other “Ni**a” and not “Ni**er.” There is a radical difference between the two connotations because one is from the plantation era, while the other was once a closed culture term of endearment. Black culture in America has always had a magnetic appeal on White culture in America where no matter the social class characteristics are adopted and eventually ubiquitous throughout White America. The number one purchaser of rap music are White teens in America and blues, jazz, and rock music originated from Black culture. 



Wrapped within this appropriation of Black culture is not only a disconnect, but a blindness which is a result of not being part of Black culture in America. This blindness is not driven by hate or racism, but rather ignorance. This is an emotional ignorance coupled with an inability to value the fact Black Americans are the only ethnic group to never receive reparations for crimes against the Black race. What are the psychological ramifications for such a slight? How does this affect an ethic group who witnesses the so-called Jews, American Indians, and Asian Americans, all financially repaired and apologized too for crimes against their ethnic groups.

I am witnessing more and more social discord on the news feeds as of late and people seem oblivious to the origin of discord. For every causation there is an effect and the causation seems to be ignored. Bill Maher and Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) used slavery in America as an opportunity for comedy. The whole incident represents the disconnect with White America and descendants of slaves in America who were never financially repaired. White men like these found the humor in working in the fields for 400 years as field hands and Bill Maher took it a step further.


29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give cgrace to those who hear.

– Ephesians 4:29

Bill Maher, differentiated himself from a field hand as a “House Ni**er” and folks the “er” is what makes this so offensive. This was a plantation joke and it was quite inappropriate and insulting from the both of them.  When White men speak on televised forums like this they continue to add insult to psychological injury of a people. Good comedy is universal and alienating an ethnic group for a laugh at their expense is not a good idea. If HBO keeps Bill Maher on the air after this and the Senator does not suffer a backlash this sends a message to America…this is okay. 

Bill Maher follows suit with many White men who date or marry a Black woman and feel this gives them license to use the “N” word. What exactly has Bill Maher or Senator Sasse done to champion the cause of reparations for the only ethic group never to receive reparations? Why did they feel it is okay to make plantation jokes? The tide is turning in America and ethnic discord is on the rise and this inappropriate comedy bit did nothing to help. 

In closing, it is apparent these men have no respect or sensitivity for the plight of Black Americans. There is a clear disconnect between people like Bill Maher and Senator Sasse who set the joke up with his “field hand” bit and these men are operating without fear of reprisals. Can you imagine the outcry from Ashkenazi Jews if Bill Maher made light of the Holocaust? I am certain both of these men will get a pass because at the end of the day Black America is under a curse.

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