God is NOT Mocked: Famous People Who Mocked Him and Caught the Dirt Nap!

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I believe famous people are judged on a different scale than the average person. Why? Because their sphere of influence is much greater where they influence children, adults, and the elderly. Over the years I have watched in awe as celebrities have kicked Christ to the curb in media forums. Most recently I remember Kathy Griffin who received an award and stated Jesus had nothing to do with it and then yelled, “Suck it Jesus” into the microphone as the audience erupted into applause.



Sadly, she is not the first or the last and the below video details a sample of celebrities who publicly mocked the Most High and His Son. Of course by denying Christ they lose the hedge of protection of His Angels and the proof is in the early dirt nap. The world will be shocked when the Most High directs an asteroid from the Oort Cloud at the Earth. I truly feel sorry for this Earth!



Satanism is now promoted on television shows and embraced by the young minds observing them. Christ is mocked in so many ways now I often wonder how long this can last. We are watching the moral infrastructure of America decay at such a rate it is depressing. If you hear these celebrities dissing the Lord it is time to stand our ground and repudiate them. There is a good chance they are not very talented anyway! 

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