Jay Z and the Occult Tidal Wave of Success

Jay Z and the Occult Tidal Wave of Success

I do not know about you, but I witnessed the birth of rap music and exactly when video killed the radio star. I watched rap music progressively mature into a hip hop culture with its own vernacular, fashion, politics and “je ne sais quoi.” My biggest shock in watching rap music for decades has been the rise of Jay Z and his popularity today. While Biggie and Tupac were alive they were always at the top of the rap music pyramid. Jay Z, could never eclipse their popularity or their chart topping success. In terms of lyrical prowess and raw creativity Jay Z was not in the same class as Biggie, Tupac, or Naz.



Naz, infamously called Jay Z out on all his secrets in the song “Ether” and if you have not heard prepare yourself for a blistering assault on the character of Jay Z. It is no secret in rap circles that Jay Z stole his style from Jaz-O, and Jaz-O said Jay Z’s street credit is fraudulent. It is also known Jay Z had his bodyguard take a gun charge for him and the bodyguard did years for him in jail. When he got out Jay Z broke him off with $50 thousand dollars and told him to never contact him again. Jay Z, might rap a tough guy game, but Jay Z will never step to Naz because “Ether” said it all.



Naz, was not inaccurate about Jay Z “biting” lyrics off Biggie and other successful rap artist. Jay Z, claims borrowing word-from-word lyrics is an homage to these rappers, but rappers pride themselves of being “bite” free. As time went on I learned of Jay Z affiliating himself with occult motifs and once I witnessed a video where he admitted he never read the Bible. This admission juxtaposed against him repping   Aleister Crowley’s phrase, “Do what thou wilt” told me where his true spiritual allegiance lies. 



Jay Z, also admitted he “talks to the spirits” and spiritualism is contact with demonic spirits. Knowing Jay Z was a rapper of limited talent, controversy, and lack of respect by his peers, is shocking to see him now at the top of the rap pyramid. Unless, you have an understanding of the occult and spell catalogues.  Is it not ironic the competition of Jay Z were all killed? The same goes for Beyonce because prior to her rise, her biggest competition was the “R&B Princess” Aliyah. 



There are actual spells to kill your enemies and competition. Is it unfathomable a man who reps Aleister Crowley, would resort to magic to become successful? Jay Z, is an occult disciple and he traded his soul for monetary success. Jay Z, is 47 years old and his subject matter is not empowering at all for his own community. His objective is to keep people in a state of spiritual atrophy and it is working. Jay Z, is a cancer on the souls of the world and his 4:44 album is no different. The fact 444 was chosen has an occult directive driving an invisible attribute into the souls of the observer.



In the “Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowley: Tunisia 1923” there is a reference to 444 occult coding system to define personal attributes and for the purpose of summoning. The success of Jay Z is always linked to the occult, somehow and someway. Jay Z, is not selling records to better his people because he does not care about his people. Tupac, was more of a visionary in that sense and I spent an hour with Tupac, back in 1993, and he was a kind and respectful person. 

If Jay Z, spoke as Tupac did he would not be in the position he is in today. Jay Z, is a lost soul and this is sad because, what good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? The soul is the vehicle we drive through eternity and the Most High has greater wonders for us to experience once we leave this physical realm. Jay Z, has forfeited his soul and there will be no afterlife for him. Naz, profoundly stated, “You traded your soul for riches.” It does not get any truer than that statement.

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of RevelationNow.net fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on Amazon.com. He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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