5 Reasons Why NO WAR for North Korea

5 Reasons Why NO WAR for North Korea

Over four years ago the mainstream media was spreading fear the world was ready to engage North Korea in a conventional war. Every fear-mongering site jumped on the bandwagon and RevelationNow.net cooly explained to truth seekers this would not happen. Yet, again the media is promoting idea the United States is considering military action against North Korea. Some misguided souls are using the notion of war with North Korea as a reason for “getting right with the Lord.”

Anyone using fear as a precursor to getting right with the Lord has not a clue how the Kingdom operates. Nor will they be able to show any Scripture where Yeshua used fear to bring understanding and inclusion into His Kingdom. So, if Christ did not do it why do they always lean on fear to “get right with the Lord?” Let’s talk about why the United States will not use military action in North Korea. I have put together a list of top five reasons why we will not see this. 

Top Five Reasons United States Will NOT Use Military Action

Number 5: This air travel distance between North and South Korea is equal to 306 miles. This means a missile barrage launched from North Korea could inflict major damage in South Korea in mere seconds after launch.



Number 4: Seoul is the world’s 16th largest city, and forms the heart of the Seoul Capital Area, which includes the surrounding Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province. The Seoul Capital Area houses about half of the country’s population of 50.22 million people with 678,102 international residents. This is an unacceptable risk to the international community. Over 50 million people could be obliterated quicker than you can boil an egg.



Number 3: Since 1971, North Korea, has developed missile systems in a partnership with China. North Korea has now evolved to mobile missile battery systems which make satellite surveillance for surgical strikes obsolete. These mobile missile systems are consistently moved to new locations. This means Seoul is always in the cross hairs and this is too much of a risk



Number 2: South Korea is the 12th largest economy in the world. South Korea, has progressively matured into a prominent role in the global economy and was the first non-G-7 member to host the G-20. South Korea, is widely known for challenging and overtaking the cell phone juggernaut, Apple, and exceeding sales in the cell phone market. The tech sector is also fueled by South Korean innovation. If Seoul was ever obliterated by North Korea, it would have disastrous effects on the global economy.



Number 1: Last year China sent over 4.2 tons of rice to North Korea. One day before President Trump stated “all options are on the table,” the United States still delivered $1 million in humanitarian aid to impoverished North Korea, according to the U.S. State Department. Despite efforts to pound the war drums the United States meal program for North Korea is running uninterrupted. The fact is if a country is starving sanctions work and the majority of the North Korean people are impoverished and in need of food.



Over four years ago I told you no war will jump off with North Korea despite their allegiance to developing long range missile technology. North Korea, is nothing more than a hungry child with a shiny slingshot. At the end of the day food will win again and North Korea will go dark for a few years. The elite in North Korea are getting fat off humanitarian aid and this is a pattern anyone can easily track. Does Kim Jong Un, look like he is missing any meals?

A key Biblical event was when the Euphrates river dried up July of 2009. Revelation 16:12, stated,”The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.” Who are the Kings of the East? That will be China and Russia, who will eventually mobilize troops, who will then march across the dried up Euphrates river. According to the Bible, this will be the last world war and it will not be on American soil!

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