White Supremacist Protest Murder: Picture of Demonic Possession and the Silver Gate?

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America is reeling after Ohio resident James Alex Fields (20) used his car to mow down White Supremacist protesters early Saturday morning in Charlottesville, Virginia. Current news reports have the death toll at three and that number could rise based on the scores injured. Losing a love one suddenly is a heart wrenching experience and my condolences to the families and friends of the affected parties. This was a demonically inspired act and I think for the first time we actually have evidence. I have not checked the stars in some time after mass murder terrorist events.

This time I wondered if the anciently revered “Silver Gate” loomed over the murder scene and it certainly did. If over the years you have followed the research and evidence on this site, you would know the “Silver Gate” is the anciently revered exit of the Heavens for spiritual beings and gods. My theory is spiritual dark forces addressed in Ephesians 6:12 use this exit to leave their Heavenly realm to possess spiritually unprotected humans and perform heinous acts on the human population. I have used star alignment software to match up: dates, times, longitudes, and latitudes, all aligned with the “Silver Gate” looming over many mass murder scenes.



I believe the driver James Alex Fields, Jr. was possessed and this is the first time we have photographic evidence of the face of the mass murderer during the murder spree. If you look at the booking photo of James Alex Fields Jr., he looks like a completely different person from the person driving the car. I am going to make the assumption the authorities have the right man. When comparing the two pictures there is no resemblance except for them both being a White male. How can this be IF the police have arrested the right man?


“Now the Spirit speaketh, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils [demons]; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron…” (1 Timothy 4:1-3)


We have to look at research and evidence on demonic possession. Historically, when a person is possessed it causes changes in the appearance of a person’s face. It causes swelling and contortions to the person’s face. If you compare the pictures you will see his entire face has morphed into something different. He looks like a totally different person! His eyebrows morph and his nose widens, as well.  His eyes even change and seem much darker. His face also looks gaunt and strained. The photograph captures a complete transformation of his face. I submit James Alex Fields, Jr., was not himself during this murder spree and a demonic entity was driving. He was at a White protest rally and he killed other White people. How did he know he was not killing his own like minded individuals?



Demons are known to cause fits of extreme rage and his face driving the car certainly does exhibit this. The demon was able to tap into and ratchet up his anger until he lost control of himself, and literally…became someone else. The demonic role is to keep the people divided and conflict stirring so the human race will never reach the Babel state again. This was the only time in human history ALL people worked together to a level the Most High had to intervene, because if we do work together we can achieve anything! Again, IF James Alex Fields, Jr., is the man driving the car we have photographic evidence of demonic possession with “Silver Gate” above the murder scene.



Only a demonically possessed person would do such a thing. We do not know if there were pregnant ladies in the crowd, children, elderly, in addition to other precious human life. No one should be murdered for their beliefs or opinions, but demons do not need a reason to murder. Their only directive is to torture and kill the human race. I am not shocked by any of this, but I do feel there is confirmation of a relationship between the “Silver Gate” and demonic possession. The hate energy at this rally must have been a horn of plenty for the demon and he raged behind the wheel. Take the time to truly analyze the picture and you will come to the same conclusion I did…this looks like two different people!

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  • BishopX

    It kind of looks photoshopped.

    • Well, it is not. It was taken at the event and you will problem see it again. I did enlarge it a bit.

      • BishopX

        If not photoshopped and the implications of this article are true then how could one avoid such possession especially if it correlates to geography and star alignment? This image is eerily reminiscent to those that appeared from the billows of smoke during 911.

        • IMHO, and based on spiritual research it depends on what spirit is inside you. Interestingly enough I was reading a 18th century Chaldean occult book and it stated all spirits bow to the authority of the Christ. The Bible also talks about many different spirits and how they should be tested. I believe the spirit realm is another dimension or universe unto itself. I also read a Dead Sea Scroll where the Essenes stated there are certain planetary alignments to pray into. There is certainly a celestial component to our lives and I am searching for answers. Can you send me the the images you reference? I would like to see them.

          • BishopX

            Well I’m using an IPad and am not sure how to paste a pic without it coming out as an extra long hyperlink. If you google image search “9/11 faces” you will come across them. I’m sure you have seen some if not all given the nature of your research. I must say that I highly admire your diligence with providing us information from your research. Like others I may not always comment, but I do read just about everything you put on here. This particular article definitely peeked my interest because of horrific crime coupled with this ghasty image. I believe in the unseen, but when these types spirits manifest on our plane we can get a glimpse at just how evil their intent is towards us. There was another article I came across where a bus crashed off the side of the road in Maylasia. In the background there was an even more gnarly face then this hiding in what looked like an aqueduct. Not a possession case, but the fact that it was hanging around the carnage you could assume it was summoned or what have you.

          • Yes, I have seen them, but I did not know if you had knowledge of a match. Thank you for sharing with me what you did. Commenters have tapered off over the years. I am not sure why, but they have.

            Like you I am searching for answers and I believe we sense we are not experiencing total reality. I will look for the bus crash in Maylasia as well. I do believe we have photographic evidence of a possession. This looks like a totally different guy.