For Whom the Hell Tolls

For Whom the Hell Tolls

Blending political agendas with Spiritual laws, concepts, and principals is a no-no. I personally experienced many confusing Christians weaving their political views and support with who Christ would endorse. The fact is Christ did not support any politics because He came to represent His Father’s Kingdom. They are two distinctly different worlds with different rules and regulations. There is not one story in the Bible where Christ threw His hat into politics, yet with great aplomb people merge their own politics with the Kingdom of the Most High. 



With that being said I have been an equal opportunity analyst of past Presidents who recklessly break Biblical law. Frankly, I am not sure why anyone who studies the teachings of Christ could become emotionally vested in any President. I have heard the arrogance of people claiming God chose Donald Trump as President. Actually, it was the Electoral College that elected President Trump and the Most High affords free will to the people to vote. After last weekends White Supremacist Protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the subsequent weaponized car murder America is at a tipping point.

President Trump is the most polarizing President I have seen since I have been aware of the political theater. I have heard some claim President Obama was polarizing, but that is not true. In the very beginning of his presidency he was the most celebrated President in America and the world. White Supremacist groups voiced their displeasure by placing nooses around the neck of a stuffed animal monkey and shouted racial slurs at the President and his family. However, this racially driven narrative was drowned out by his false promise of hope and change. In the end President Obama turned out to be just another politician and the rhetorical question became: How do you know he is lying? His lips are moving.



If I was to metaphorically encapsulate the relationship between President and the common citizen, the only difference would be this. President Bush, kicked in your door playing heavy metal music and assaults you on the kitchen floor, while President Obama, knocked on the door, ask if he could come in, lights a scented candle, turns on smooth jazz, and assaults you on the couch. Either way the American public is bent over a barrel without a kiss on the mouth because that is the nature of politics. All Presidents never live up to their promises while the Most High lives up to all of His! So mixing politics and Christ is silly if you think about it!



I say this leading up to the health and safety of President Trump. It is vital for social health of America the Secret Service double their efforts to protect President Trump. Assassination is another word for murder except driven by a political agenda. It would have grave consequences to the fabric of American society because it can become unraveled with the level of inflammatory open rhetoric not seen since prior to the Civil Rights Act. There is a segment of American society driven by low education, anger, hatred, and intolerance not just for Blacks, but all minorities in America. We have not seen the worst humanity has to offer as of yet, because the highly trained White Supremacist militias have not emerged.



The worst case scenario would be the assassination of President Trump and every White Supremacist hate group would erase the line between civilized society and total anarchy; murder sprees like Rosewood, Black Wall Street, and plantation violence would happen again. The only difference today is both sides are heavily armed which would mean intense fighting. The Governors of the effected States would declare martial law and the National Guard would be deployed. The death toll would be significant and like any reactionary movement it would spread to other cities. This would give the elite the opportunity to establish a new order birthed by chaos. David Duke, endorsed President Trump as many other hate based groups and continues to demand his loyalty.

The Federal Government has laws against hate crimes, yet these White Supremacist  protest are fueled by hate speech. The mere fact Nazi flags were presented is an indictment against Ashkenazi Jewish people, yet it is allowed under Constitutional amendments.  Hate speech is the drug for those driven by hate and President Trump emboldened hate groups throughout his campaign. How can a country be great with the theft of land and attempted genocide of Native Americans? The profiting of 400 years of free labor inhumane slavery of Black Americans? From spiritual principle if you are harming another in anyway that is defined as evil. The goal of White Supremacist is to make America evil again.



These very hate groups were scarred seeing a Black family in the White House for eight years. This means race hatred smoldered for eight years and the fire is slowly bursting forth. Hate group White males feel marginalized because of media saturation on minority issues. When in truth white males outnumber minorities over 200 to 1. They are still the faces of industry and hold the economic power in America. There is a disparity between Whites and Blacks (including other minorities) not just in wealth, but education as well. Why do they feel they are being left behind when they are leading statistically?



I cannot escape Biblical prophecy regarding the true identity of the Chosen People under a 400 year curse. It says they will be despised in all the Kingdoms and will never truly be accepted nor respected. As a people they will be hated until the curse timeline is complete. This curse cannot be over the ruling class majority! White Supremacist are threatened by an ethnic group that makes up less than 13% of the American population. How can such a small percentage be a threat to the majority? President Trump treaded water instead of immediately repudiating and naming the hate groups involved in the tiki lamp driven protest. President Trump, emboldened these hate groups with his ambiguous repudiation of these specific hate groups.



The whole premise of “Black Lives Matter” was that Black lives are being snuffed out at a higher frequency (during the arrest process) more than any other racial group. This was about the frequency and not the higher number of Whites killed during the arrest process because their frequency is lower than Blacks; they have more deaths simply because of their greater numbers. That was the logic in a nutshell, but I do not think it was a good name because the Black abortion rate is insanely high. It should be apparent ALL lives matter, but people love conflict and to argue. My greatest concern is an assassination attempt on President Trump. This heinous act would be like throwing gasoline on a fire and David Duke what become as big as Luke and Bo Duke. 

If the elite decided to orchestrate this heinous act, it will lead to the erosion of Constitutional rights as result of the total anarchy inflicted on city infrastructure in the United State cities. If a White Supremacist zealot like James Alex Fields, Jr., decides to martyr himself and successfully assassinates President Trump more like minded White males will rise up. This will not be a civil war, but the unleashing of domestic terrorism. I believe at the root of all of this chaos are dark forces as described in Ephesians 6:12. This is truly a spiritual war and possession is real!



Popular culture television shows like, “The Simpsons” have an uncanny predictive capability and even produced an episode in 2004 where Donald Trump ran for President and won. Ominously, there was also an episode where Donald Trump was assassinated.  I often wonder if the elite telegraph future events as means to side step the law of “reaping what you sow.” Because these scenarios are wrapped up as entertainment there is no public outcry, but only acceptance. I would be remiss if I did not mention the viral discussion of 1893 book titled, “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey” by Ingersoll Lockwood. In this book the characters are: Baron Trump, Don, and a trip to Russia. 



What are the chances of this? The character “Baron Trump” has a slight resemblance to President Trump’s son Baron. I cannot escape thinking there is an occult relationship at play here. The follow up book is titled, “1900: Or; The Last President” and that is a disturbing connection in itself. If you have followed the research on this site you would be aware of the “Power of Three.” You have seen this theme illustrated across cultures as three witches and three wishes, etc. Let’s take a look at the pattern based on what I have shared.


1.  The Simpsons predicted the election of Donald Trump and his assination

2.  19th century author pens, “”Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey”

3.  19th century author pens, “1900: Or; The Last President”

Is the collective consciousness subconsciously creating reality with triggers inserted into our reality? Why wasn’t this book shared before? President Trump, has been a public figure for decades and now this comes forward and it is a viral story that has made it to mainstream news outlets. The Universe must be like the large Haldron Collider where our thoughts create matter and bring spiritual things into the material world. This is just too uncanny not to have legs. President Trump is not a politician, he is a business man. He never held public office before and his whole Presidency so far is quite unorthodox. 



What he has done is used rhetoric that appealed to White Supremacist and according to David Duke they are his constituents. This could be tens of thousands of voters and perhaps millions? I do not know the statistics on this, but if a hair on President Trumps head gets damaged mass protest will begin and it will not turn out well. The Scripture in the Bible instructs us to pray for our leaders and we should pray for the safety of President Trump. Regardless of politics we should be serving the Most High first and his laws and principles. I have uneasy feeling about “The Power of Three” regarding President Trump and I hope I am off base.



There is also the possibility all of this is a total distraction! Have you noticed the news coverage for Russia has died down? As soon as Americans and Guam feared for their own safety North Korea became the evil of the day. Next came the White Supremacist protest and the unfortunate death of THREE lives on that day. The Russian investigation of “follow the money” has taken a backseat to the latest news. Whatever the case have no fear because those who are spiritually protected by the Most High have eternal life insurance…don’t leave home without it!

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