Why the Media Whimper on the Death of Dick Gregory?

Why the Media Whimper on the Death of Dick Gregory?

Legendary comedian and civil rights activist, social critic, writer, entrepreneur, conspiracy theorist, and actor Dick Gregory died on August 19, 2017. The mainstream media gave him the ole obligatory shout out and not much else. From a conspiracy theory stand point this man was dropping science while many of us were still teething. Dick Gregory, was not just a man of many talents, but a critical thinker who was so observant (like most comedians) he was able to decode the machinations of the Luciferian elite. 



Dick Gregory, was a “watcher” and his informal intelligence network afforded him information to ferret out truth. He was a champion of truth for the Black community and sometimes his truth was celebrated, while other times it stung. The mainstream networks could have run a special to memorialize the achievements of a man impacted American culture by blowing the whistle on institutionalized racism. Some Blacks in Americans claim their is an awakening flooding through American, but Dick Gregory was the town cryer while the masses were sleeping.

Many conspiracy theory sites were mum on the death of Dick Gregory as well. How can this be? Dick Gregory alleged the artist “Prince” was murdered on a plane owned by Warren Buffet. Dick Gregory, has been calling out elite power brokers and he lived a long life theorizing on the conspiracies of the elite. The deaths of many other entertainers received much more media coverage, but Dick Gregory was eclipsed by an actual eclipse. 



Dick Gregory, was a man of tremendous courage to be so vocal against the Luciferian power brokers. Before his death he called out Bill Cosby as being targeted for “death by media” because he was about to purchase the NBC network. He claimed Hannibal Burress (an unknown Black comedian) was used to light the media fire and was rewarded with movie roles…to sell out Bill Cosby. If this is true, Hannibal Burress, sold his soul to sacrifice Bill Cosby in order to advance his transient comedy career. If Bill Maher, actually understood Black culture, he would have known the correct time to apply the label, “House Negro” in regard to Hannibal Burress, if Dick Gregory’s theory is correct.



Dick Gregory, also covered the food and water that is killing the Americans; especially in low income areas. I once watched a video where Dick Gregory discussed “shape-shifters” and this was different approach to it. His account were people in Africa could shape-shift into actual animals….Whoah! I say this to illustrate this was a journey man into conspiracy theory who lived to be 85! With so many conspiracy theorist believing homeopathic doctors are being murdered and the Earth is flat, you would think they would pause to celebrate the life of a man consumed with truth.



Dick Gregory, was arrested while being a political activist and was a seasoned hunger striker. One of the gems of his life were his spiritual teachings and I believe this is what gave him great insight behind the veil. Dick Gregory, was a Civil Rights, pioneer and spoke in Selma, Alabama days before the voter registration drive known as “Freedom Day.” Dick Gregory, also once ran for President of the United States representing the “Freedom and Peace Party.” According to Dick Gregory he picked up 9 million votes in Pennsylvania. 

Now are you seeing the shady nature of the lack of lustrous media coverage for such an accomplished life? There are many parallels to the life of Dick Gregory and the fictional character Forrest Gump in his array of life experiences. This is a man who attended college, played a role in Civil Rights, served his country, sacrificed his freedom as an activist, ran for president, and was legendary conspiracy theorist.



In my opinion, as a result of Dick Gregory being a product of living through life prior to Civil Rights made him scathingly honest about many matters…including race relations. He is speaking his truth of what he observed and experienced, without regard to people who wear their feelings on the sleeve. The later years of the life of Dick Gregory were dedicated to expanding truth within the framework of conspiracy theory. To not celebrate his life and contributions to conspiratorial consciousness is conspiracy within itself. I suggest you peruse YouTube and Google and review his body of work because he left a field of gold for conspiracy theorist. Rest in peace Dick Gregory. 

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