WiFi and Microwaves: “THEY” Are READING Your THOUGHTS!

WiFi and Microwaves: “THEY” Are READING Your THOUGHTS!

Last week I had a strange incident that can only mean our thoughts are being harnessed and translated into a database environment. During my nightly dream I dreamed about a black trumpet and when I woke up I remembered it. After whipping up some fried flounder and cheesy grits for my sons, who eat like Biblical locust, I logged onto the Internet. The very first advertisement I saw was a black trumpet! I was astonished to the see the black trumpet from my dreams.



I thought how this possible and remembering studying the work of Dr. Joseph Sharp, who filed a patent in 1973, for beaming microwaves integrating with voice directly into the skulls of a human target. In this case the human skull became a receiver and the transmitter was microwave technology. This certainly gives credence to some “crazy” people who hear voices in their head. I decided to look into frequency harmonics and I was surprised to see a correlation between frequency used in modern wireless technology.

This is what I learned:

"For WiFi this frequency happens to be 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. These waves are very similar to the frequency found in your microwave! Your microwave uses 2.450Ghz to heat up food and your router uses 2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz to transmit your data over WiFi." 

You can see by the frequency markers used by this wireless technology is quite close to congruence. Is it possible satellites can not only beam microwaves, but receive and subsequently translate thoughts?


EMF Protection Cap – Shielding RF and EMF from Cell Towers – Smart Meters – WIFI(Large Olivewood)


Frankly, this was not my first occurrence with my thoughts appearing as advertisement. The first time it happened I did not think much of it.  My ice machine in my mud room was on the fritz and I thought to myself, “I wonder how much an ice machine cost?” Soon after that advertisements for ice machines populated Google. Interestingly enough Google purchased “Shaanxi Probecom Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.” The press release was to “keep Google Maps accurate with up-to-date imagery.” Maybe that is the case, but I believe there is a dual purpose for all technology. 



One for the public sector and one for the private sector which is covert technology for nefarious purposes of infringing upon the rights of the people. Everything falls under the Law of the Duality with the Creator. Duality was created when The Most High became Conscious of Himself. The very absence of the Most High’s Laws and Principles only leaves what we call evil and imbalance. Duality drives all things and is the Natural Order of all things.

This very Truth cascades to technology as well. There is a positive use for technology and an obvious destructive aspect of technology. Integrating microwaves with satellites, cell phone towers, routers, and WiFi opens the door for negative applications as well. The question is can our thoughts actually be recorded? Modern science is currently testing the boundaries of this question, but if you read Kurt Vonnegut’s, “Cats Cradle” you might come to the conclusion this is already possible.



By decoding patterns of activity in the brain, doctors may one day be able to play back the imagined conversations in our heads, or to communicate with a person who can think and hear but cannot speak. Think about it, you silently “hear” your thoughts anyway! There are actually online vendors that sell counter measures to protect your brain from EMF and microwave abuse. The only problem is the coating does not last long and you must reinvest when the coating degrades.



People who wear tin foil hats are actually in danger because that will cook your brain tissue. Have you ever made the mistake of placing tin foil in the microwave? If you did, it did not stay in the microwave for long, because it looks like a bootleg version of CERN. You quickly kill the power and hope your food was okay to eat. The moral of the story is tin foil hats are very very bad in a microwave environment.

We must test the boundaries of the “Great Delusion” described in the Bible because I guarantee technology will be a part of it. Right now it appears the pay off from secretly deploying this technology is raising advertising revenue. This could mean an increase in millions of dollars each year. Meaning, there are a million reasons to use this microwave technology on the unassuming masses. Stay woke!

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