Laws and Principles: It Rains on the JUST and the UNJUST

Laws and Principles: It Rains on the JUST and the UNJUST

Watching the devastation of Hurricane Harvey might present an opportunity to educate people on the science behind the spiritual mechanics of the Most High. The most ubiquitous misconceptions of the Most High by mankind is that He is a “man in the sky.” First, of all the Most High is not a man and quantum physics would have better definition of Him than a “man in the sky.” The Most High is the Creator of systems that run themselves in addition to dimensions we cannot comprehend. 


that ye may be the children of your Father who is in Heaven. For He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. - Matthew 5:45


We have witnessed this with: night and day, the seasons, the tides, hurricane seasons, and the solstices, etc. These systems are on autopilot and His Laws govern them all. Mankind is no different and we too fall under Laws that respond to our behaviors. The Most High left implicit instructions on our moral actions because these are emoted from the human body. Emotions are actually energy in motion, hence the “e” before motion.

When this energy leaves the human body it collected in the Earth’s bio-field. The more people who begin to emote collectively the more voluminous the energy field trapped in the Earth’s bio-field. If the emotions are congruent with the Laws and Principles which are the responsive systems of the Creator, harmony is sustained. This congruent energy expands the energy field of harmony which translates to peace.



If the collective human energy is not congruent with the Laws and Principles of the responsive systems of the Creator, a disharmonious reaction will rain down on the people. I think of it as a behavior modification program. Until the denizens of Earth understand how to live in harmony with the Laws and Principles of the Most High we will continue experiencing imbalance internally and externally. When bad things happen on the Earth people are quick to blame the Most High, but we are like children with Alzheimers who quickly forget when the stove is hot, do not touch it.

The Most High left us with free will and these bad things are responses to our own actions and emotions. Sodom and Gomorrah, is the story of what happens when the collective consciousness is in a state of imbalance. Even a small group of people who practiced respect for the Laws and Principles of the Most High would have been able to halt a full blown destructive response. Sadly, America is on a direct path with imbalance as She intellectualizes why imbalance is warranted and without consequence.



Nothing could be further from the Truth of spiritual mechanics. Have you noticed our generation is living in the time of record breaking “Acts of God” events? We have earthquakes that have changed the tilt of the Earth and slowed down time. We had more tornadoes form in one day than any other time. We had 11 trillion gallons of rain fall on Texas in one day. Some people attribute this to global warming, but no one considers our environment is responding to our behavior based on immutable spiritual laws.



The Bible presents this very notion using a humanized personality of the Most High delving out love versus punishment. These very words are by-products of systems the Most High created which react to us. These systems operate for the unjust and the just. What better way to explain there are spiritually driven automated systems in place? The very act of removing the Bible from the education system was a grave error for the children. There is an African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Taking spiritual education away from the child in the school systems hindered a comprehensive spiritual education. What did the Government replace Biblical knowledge with well that is quite apparent. Fifth graders are now being taught how to have anal sex in some schools. LGBT fairy tales are being read to elementary school students. This is just a sampling of imbalance teachings not in conformance with the Laws and Principles of the Most High.



The generation known as the “Millennials” have been primed to pursue and emote imbalance. This is why time is short and their generation will greatly magnetize the Earth for greater destruction; probably greater than any other generation. The Luciferian elite orders have bought into the ideology the Laws and Principles can be overcome. When something is destroyed they believe they will just rebuild it; never focusing on the causation. As you can see the more time progresses the more imbalanced the human population is becoming and greater destruction is recorded as the people progressively mature in a state of imbalance.



The most popular mega Churches known as “prosperity” preachers are blinded by the bling nor do they understand these Laws and Principles of the Most High. If they did they would be protecting the future of mankind on this planet. Think about it: Why does Christ have to return to Earth in the first place? The God basically manifested on the Earth, demonstrated spiritual Laws and Principles, and laid down His life to demonstrate death can be overcome through Spirit. 



Finally, He opened the dimensional Gate all of us can travel after Him. Yet, He has to return in order to destroy all of the earthly systems in place that conflict with Universal harmony. This is exactly why Scripture instructs us to spiritually divorce ourselves from “her.” We are to take no part in her teachings nor behaviors because we will suffer the coming destruction…and it is coming. As the sinners revel in their victories to sin without judgment the scales are becoming more imbalanced.



Soon the entire Earth will become spiritually magnetized to attract a mountain sized asteroid which will slam into the ocean. Wreaking havoc in the seas and land. The more people who justify sin because they claim they are a “good person” not only create spiritual imbalance, but they mark themselves. The immutable Laws and Principles of the Most High are designed to be respected like electricity, fire, and magnetism. These Principles operate under the Laws of Duality.



At the instance the Most High became self aware Duality was created at that same instance. If the Most High represents Love and perfect Creation, then the diametric opposite is Fear and Destruction. Anytime anyone operates outside of the Creator they are being destructive. The weather responds more destructively, earthquakes, and tsunamis will follow suit. We are seeing the fruit of this behavior now. I heard the Bible described as an acronym which means: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

This is so true because like anything, if you follow the instructions, harmony is achieved and equilibrium is achieved with the spiritual framework . You can never arguing with the principles of loving yourself and other people or taking care of the poor and elderly. You cannot argue the fact the coupling of a man and woman naturally produces life. You cannot argue that killing is ultimate act of hate. Now imagine living in a society that kept these Natural Laws sacred.



Our communities would be so beautiful and so would our environment. “Acts of God” would be harmony and abundance. Biblical prophecy is history written before it happens and more Biblical prophecy is unfolding. Unfortunately, the Earth and our solar system is lost and eventually will be destroyed. America has embarked on a path devoid of respect of Universal Law. The people of Earth must learn the hard way because man has placed himself above the Most High.



I was chatting with a friend the other night and she reminded me of Hope. We should never abandon Hope and sometime even myself can get caught up in seeing prophecy unfold. Sodom and Gomorrah, showed us that if even 10 people were righteous enough…it could have staved off judgment. Yes, prophecy must happen, but we can prolong judgment if we begin to collectively practice His Laws and Principles in our daily lives.



Remember the story of Nineveh? The people of Nineveh turned from their imbalanced ways and began humbling themselves before God, confessing their sins with prayer, and turning from sin. These are very tools for escaping the wrath of His judgment and obtaining His mercy. This means turning from all sin and never justifying any sin to stay politicaly correct. If the politics of America are not congruent with His Laws and Principles then abandon them.

You are not required to abandon them with belligerence nor malice, but peaceful resistance. This Truth should give us all Hope. By taking this approach we can place final prophecy on the next generation. If we can do this maybe our generation is the Nineveh of this time? I hope your takeaway is the Most High has systems in place that not only govern Nature, but a scaled system that responds to our collective behaviors. We are living in a time period where consequences will manifest quicker and the further away we are from His will the harsher they will be.

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