Science Considers IF the UNIVERSE Is Alive

Science Considers IF the UNIVERSE Is Alive

As Science tries to catch up with the mind of the Most High they’ve postulated what the Bible has already told us. Before I continue let us get some things straight. I have heard self appointed Bible experts mislead their audience by stating the Book of Enoch is not in the Bible and that is not true. The Book of Enoch is in the oldest and most complete Bible…The Ethiopian Bible. They were written on goat skin in the early Ethiopian language of Ge’ez.



Just because this book was later removed from other Bibles does negate this truth. Additionally, Enoch is referenced in the Bible and The Book of Enoch certainly enlightens the human mind on the host of Heavens and angels. We should not be surprised scientist are questioning if the Universe is alive. Enoch knew this because he was educated by the angels themselves. Enoch knew the host of Heaven had consciousness and could respond to commands from the Most High.



Why would a living God create dead things? Everything the Most High touches He breaths life into. Science is slowly coming to the conclusion there must be consciousness in everything.  What they cannot define is whose conscious it is, but we surely know. Particle or wave energy responds differently based on the observer. Why is that? Instructions can be transmitted via light and frequency. This is a conscious design and we learned of scientific experiments where a cold irradiated laser was beamed from salamander eggs into frog eggs.

The frog eggs were transformed into healthy salamanders. There is intelligence, purpose, and intention in all things in Creation. All of the host of Heaven have a purpose and we have a connection to all of them. We are all connection to His Conscious and Creation; including the host of the Heavens. I believe the Most High is in a constant state of Creation because He promised us eternal life. Because the Most High never dies and science realizes the Universe is constantly expanding there will be unlimited dimensions of Creation to experience.

Ancient civilizations had a better understanding of these things and lived in harmony with the cosmos. Ancient architecture is a reflection of this and the Pyramids of Giza archeological evidence in line with Orion . All scientist do not believe there is a Creator. They believe a vast array of complex life forms driven by biochemical structures and DNA codes, spontaneously began without intelligent design. It is good to know science is finally exploring what Enoch already told us. The hosts of Heaven are alive and if you read the Book of Enoch you will have a distinctly different understanding of the Heavenly host.

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Michael Erevna

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