D. L. Hughley Puts Joel Osteen on Blast Over Hurricane Harvey

D. L. Hughley Puts Joel Osteen on Blast Over Hurricane Harvey

Comedian and activist D.L. Hughley wasted no time to use his celebrity to blast Joel Osteen over his controversial slow response to aid Houston residents during Hurricane Harvey. Let’s recap how all of this started. This WHOLE controversy started because Lakewood Church posted to social media, “The church is inaccessible because of the flood.” Then independent people WALKED or DROVE to the church and video taped the roads were ACCESSIBLE. Next, these videos were posted on social media.



SOON AFTER: The church deleted the message, “The church is inaccessible because of the flood.” Later it was released that Lakewood Church was a distribution center. Then Lakewood Church said the city never ASKED the church to be a shelter. Then it was the doors were always open. After the social media backlash the Lakewood Church quickly transitioned to actually providing shelter for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Pictures were released of flooding in the lower garage level and basement of the Lakewood Church; however, because of being all over the place with the truth, some people have suggested these pictures are from the last time the church was flooded. D.L. Hughley, used his radio show to call out the excuses, disappointment, and hypocrisy of Joel Osteen and his Lakewood Church for not responding fast enough for the victims of the devastating Houston flood.

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