Game of Pulpits: Winter is Coming

Game of Pulpits: Winter is Coming

Every now and then I encounter a video where I do not need to add much at all. The video below is the perfect example. Pastor Justice Peters, is a shining example about using the Word as a measuring stick for righteousness. He uses Scripture to hold other Pastors accountable for their hypocrisy or total deviation from the Word. All of these televised pastors are nothing more than hucksters and they have turned Christ into what T.D. Jakes is quoting as, “A product that sells itself.”



None of them can demonstrate anything the Apostles were able to do. Yet, they promote themselves as teachers while growing their wealth off the tithes and popularity of television. Jesse Duplantis, claims the Most High had a conversation with him about his private jet. These men take advantage of gullible Christians and the reason why many Christians are gullible is because they do not read the Scripture. If they did they would tar and feather these fake preachers.



As you can see in the above photo gallery these men have pimped Christ and turned their followers into their hos. Creflo Dollar, shames his followers into tithing and once said if you do not tithe you need to be shot. Hey, he has got bills to pay and big ones looking at the size of his home. When you compare what comes out of these prosperity preachers mouths and reconcile it against Scripture, it does not fit.



They also rely on endorsements from celebrities that promote the LGBT agenda. The celebrities bring their followers to the Church and more money is generated. Tyler Perry, has thrown his celebrity around with T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen. All the while being a staunch advocate of Gay Rights. They all collude and transform Scripture into a lifestyle of “if it feels good do it.” The Most High does not have the final say in their ideology. Your only protection is to read the Bible and become an expert in the Word.

That way you will not fall for no banana in the tailpipe.

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Michael Erevna

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