North Korea Test Nuclear Bomb and President Trump Responds with HEREOS Tweet

North Korea Test Nuclear Bomb and President Trump Responds with HEREOS Tweet

I wonder at what point all of the constituents of President Trump will finally come forward with feelings of voter’s remorse? Before the catastrophic flood in Houston, Texas, before Joel Osteen, said, “The city did not ask us to be a shelter,” before the final Game of Thrones episode, President Trump threatened North Korea with consequences, like never seen before. Kim Jong Um, basically said what most Americans feel about President Trump…he sounds silly and not believable.  



In response, Kim Jong Un, downed a couple of crates of Ramen Noodles, while his scientist burned the midnight oil, and responded with nuclear capability. Causing a 6.3 earthquake in North Korea. In response President Trump, tweeted about Hurricane Harvey, because he was proud of his latest photo op in Houston, Texas, where he hoisted a Black girl in the air and planted a “covfefe” on her cheek. A President should be able to switch gears at a moments notice and President Trump latest tweet mispelled the plural form of “heroes” as “hereos” soon after North Korea detonated a nuclear test.



Part of being a military commander is the phrase, “attention to detail” and military minds define themselves by this mantra. Paying attention to details is what wins wars and President Trump lacks this trait. President Trump, is a silver spoon President who has relished in his elite status his whole life. His inability to tame his ego is evident in numberous failed political relationships and bridges he has been unable to sustain in his administration. While North Korea, has gone rogue in the face of its big brother China.



Sanctions are always the go to penalty to curtail a regimes behavior and Kim Jong Um, has thumbed his nose at them. Fanning the flames of war is becoming the mantra of North Korea. My late wife believed North Korea would be the dragon attacking the eagle from a Biblical prophecy perspective. This was one of the few points in the Bible we would disagree. In addition, to the cyclical Christmas tree I was never fond of!

We have a problem with international leadership when it comes to President Trump and his Presidency has exacerbated the nuclear shenanigans of Kim Jong Um.  The last Presidential election was a roll of the dice with wicked witch candidate Hillary Clinton or the privileged over grown man child of Donald J. Trump. Trump supporters must now watch how America is becoming great again and we are still waiting for the letter “g” to manifest. Meanwhile, Kim Jong Um, does not look like he is missing any meals and his regime is perfecting nuclear technology.

China, is going to have to get off the bench and stop chewing bubble gum and talking smack. China is the real problem because they are the ones who passed their missile technology over to North Korea decades ago. They have helped create a regime which has brought nuclear Armageddon back to forefront. If my late wife was correct the United States and Russia will join forces to battle North Korea and China. It should be clear to everyone President Trump does not instill confidence in a war time scenario. It is time to pull a Padme (Star Wars) and enter a vote of “no confidence.” If you are President Trump fans that would be a vote of “no covfefe.”



In closing, I have spent decades around military men who were once stationed in Korea. I lived with a man who was stationed in North Korea in 1962. Both South and North Korea know millions of people would die on both sides. China will never truly turn on North Korea because it could mean the demise of North Korea. As result missile batteries would be established that threatened the safety of China. Their safety is more valuable than trade with the United States. If Kim Jong Um, targets a surprise location like Yellow Stone Park with a nuclear strike, it would certainly activate major earthquakes and volcanic activity. The United States has superior warfare technology and superior nuclear weaponry and cannot be taken lightly.

I believe North Korea is following a global agenda from the Luciferian elite. Sometimes I think Biblical prophecy is a playbook and they are playing right into it, but why? You would think the Luciferian elite would do everything to go against the grain of prophecy. If North Korea ever pulls the trigger it will be the end of North Korea and that is the whole point of nuclear deterrents because nobody wants to be destroyed. We will see if Kim Jong Um is truly insane or merely playing a role directed by the Luciferian elite.

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