The Adaptation of the Beast of the Field

The Adaptation of the Beast of the Field

The Bible is an enigma in many areas of Scripture for many people and it is only discernible by those who seek the Spirit of Truth. In my opinion the more I begin to understand it the more I realize why the genre of Science Fiction was created. This was to suspend our belief reality was ever possible under an umbrella of Science Fiction. By this mental programming of the masses people would be oblivious to the fact not only are we not alone but our common enemy lives among us. *Warning – Before continuing, this post has adult content and some images are not suitable for viewing by minors!*


But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands.  Jonah 3:8 {King James Bible}


As people wait for the “Great Delusion” it has already happened and happening in real time. The world was taken over before and after the death of Christ…it never stopped and it explains the necessity of the Second Coming. It is my belief the tares in the Bible which are from a distinctly different gene pool were created to blend in with human kind. Prior to the tares in the Bible the “Beast of the field” are classified and identified as existing along side with mankind in the Garden of Eden.



They were distinctly set apart from the animal kingdom and classified as “the Beast.” These “beast” were bipedal and possessed the abilities of communication, they had sexual relations, could protest, were under command of the Most High, could wear sack cloth, and reproduce with other races! Why is this not discussed in the modern church system? It certainly expands the notion we are not the only players on the chess board!


Genetic code for over growth of hair?


When did you ever go to church and hear of a beast who could talk with man and possessed the same faculties of man, but was not man? Jonah 3:8, clearly states the beast should be clothed the same way man should be and the beast could also worship the Creator. Furthermore in Exodus 19:13 it states, “There shall not an hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned, or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live: when the trumpet soundeth long, they shall come up to the mount.” It is clear in this verse beast also have hands just like man! Knowing this it is clear to me we are living in the middle or hopefully near the end of the “Great Delusion.”

I also now understand why the television airwaves had to be changed from analogue to digital. The reason is now a sub program could be run to digitally mask the appearance of these beast on television, but I digress. In Exodus the beast were intelligent enough to be addressed and comprehend the consequences of touching. Although, in The Book of Genesis, the Most High created enmity between the seed of the serpent and that of the human woman, this decree was not made toward the “Beast of the Fields.” Now we can understand what being was hybridized with the seed of the serpent to create the race of tares. It looks like chicken, taste like chicken, but it is not chicken!


But it is NOT chicken!


The Beast in the Bible were held to the same rules and regulations of mankind in many different Scriptures. What is fascinating is how did these beast become removed from the annals of history? These beast are discussed in the Bible and then there is no mention of them accept as mythical creatures. There is no archaeological footprint representing a rich ancient history of these beast. Surely there is evidence! Where did it go? The beast of the Earth must be part of the “Great Delusion.”



In their history they have discovered a way to mask their appearance and blend in with mankind. YouTube video producer, Richard Bruce, introduced a profound concept regarding the “Beast of the Field.” Is it possible these beast are from various dimensional fields? It is even suggested the creature “Bigfoot” is never found because it is cloaked in another dimension. Just covering all the bases here! The mention of the beast in the Bible are clearly antediluvian. We know the Book of Enoch is also antediluvian and it mentions the “fallen” angels who shared “secrets” of creation with mankind.



The Book of Jasher, states there was genetic tampering between mankind and animals and I believe it was the basis for the movie, “Island of Doctor Moreau.” In this particular movie the human hybridized beast were cunning enough to outsmart Dr. Moreau, and kill Dr. Moureau; subsequently, leading to the destruction of his gene splicing facility. You must agree it is certainly strange for another species outside of mankind who could comprehend Biblical laws left zero archaeological footprint. In response. Hollywood makes fictional movies of men like beast who could walk, talk, rape, rationalize, and plan.



In fact Hollywood throws this in your face with the character “Beast” from the X-Men comic books to the hit movie franchise. If you think about it he is smarter than all of his X-Men colleagues! We should also take note of the sexual interest between the character of Mystique, a shape-shifter, and the Beast. Are they not telling us there was a gene splicing incident of a shape-shifting being and the beast of the field? Did this merging of DNA reduce the hairy exterior of the beast and over thousands of years reduce it…to blend in with humanity in plain view?



In ancient times women had to be warned with the penalty of death not to have sexual intercourse with the beast of the field. This clearly was not animals because women require a strong rap to get inside their hearts and minds. This means the beast of the field could talk and maybe even recite poetry? Where have we seen this before in our childhood programming? Disney constantly promotes breaking Biblical laws like eggs at Denny’s.



“Beauty in the Beast” taught little girls to look past the fact the Beast was from another species, but was human like enough to fall in love with and the natural evolution of this love was sexual intercourse. Lucky for her in this case a spell was broken and the Beast became human again. Again, is this not evidence of the powers behind mind control flaunt their history under the suspension of disbelief? Like all things someone has to mess it up for the rest of us and written rules had to be established to outlaw poor choices.


Did adaptation affect the appearance of beast in modern times?


Like the woman who spilled McDonald’s hot coffee on her crotch and from then on the warning, “Hot coffee” was printed on cups of hot coffee. How about the woman who put KY Jelly on her toast and became ill each time she ate it? Soon after a warning was put on the box, “Not to be ingested.” Same thing in ancient times with warning from the Most High regarding sexual relations between human kind and the beast of the field. Leviticus 20:16, states, “And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

Men are not exempt from this law and Hollywood makes sure you understand men had sexual relations with female beast as well. In the movie, Splice, when the man thought he was alone and could get away with it, he had sex with the humanized gene spliced creature, genetically hybridized with: bird, horse, fish, kangaroo, salamander, stingray, plant DNA, and finally human DNA, too “BAM! Kick it up a notch!” As Emeril Lagasse likes to say. The beast of the field are appealing enough for sexual relations under the right circumstances. In my opinion, some men do not need an excuse to have sex with anything, but it does beg the question why women were singled out?



In my opinion, this was because the Most High did not want the DNA of beast reproduced through the human female womb. We can rest assured this did and does happen today because there is another species blended in with mankind under the parable of the wheat and the tares. The beast and the tares are most likely the same thing today or if not certainly related. They are most likely in positions of power because they used deception to slowly take over nations.

There is a phrase made famous in the Spiderman movies, “With power comes great responsibility.” Where as with the beast it goes, “With great power comes great luxury.” The beast have inserted themselves not only into politics,
corporations, religion, military, but entertainment. I find the video analysis of Richard Bruce highly fascinating because he highlights anomalies which clearly reflect beast like attributes. From sharp teeth to long sharp nails.

Did the beast adopt an ability to shift their true form from the seed of the serpent? We have seen this remarkable ability with the cuttle fish and the octopus. If the beast of the field have this ability they could consciously alter their appearance like a film refresh frame rate. Richard Bruce, uses film editing equipment to show non human features when the frame rate is frozen which is usually non detectable to the human eye. Each time you will see the subjects in the video, they display jagged edge teeth.



This also suggest the beast know who they are and intentionally deceive the world which adds credence to the “Great Delusion.” They use entertainment to confuse their origin and split it up among different characters. Like vampirism and werewolves, where they both seek the blood of humans. Children are meal plans for the beast of the field and hundreds of thousands of children go missing globally each year. We were desensitized to this as children based on the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.”



Only through discernemnt and seeking the Spirit of Truth will you be able to break the spell that keeps you under a state of delusion. The beast rebelled against the Creator and are working with the seed of the serpent to control mankind. This is why the whole Earth is in a state of conflict. We do not know who our true enemy is as we fight among ourselves over human skin tone! We fight over currency, religion, and real estate. Meanwhile, there are non-human beings who hid their history so we would not know they exist. The beast of the field and the tares invaded long ago and all of us were born into a lie.


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A lie perpetuated by ignorance passed down from generation to generation. We are living in the time prophecy stated the Truth will be released and it will set us free. We will no longer idolize these Hollywood creations, these musical artist creations, these false preachers, because they serve a different god. We are not alone! The “Great Delusion” spans over a period of time and we are living in it. These beast of the field and tares need our blood to keep their human form. They must be able to extract human DNA from our blood and project it like the cuttle fish.

You should understand Hollywood is also a propaganda machine and used to share our collective perceptions of reality. They tell us what is possible and what is outside the realm of possibility. Many premises they present under the genre of Science Fiction is mentioned in the Bible as history. We are to believe “aliens” are the threat to mankind and they make no mention of our ancient enemies. The beast of the field are real and I believe they never died…they just multiplied and serve the “all seeing eye.”

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