The Next Evolution of Scams from RogueMoney.Net

The Next Evolution of Scams from RogueMoney.Net

The website Tracking The Leopard Meroz, investigated Viji Varghese, who goes by the name “V” the Guerrilla Economist, who is a Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann creation. He used a false banking history and operated without an investment license charging the gullible $500 an hour for worthless investment advice. This trio of frauds use Jesus to entice listeners they are “anointed” and doing the “Lord’s” work with precious metals. After they milked every silver and gold coin from their listener base the trio pursued independent ventures to milk a new market segment.

Viji Varghese, (“V” the Guerrilla Economist) reinvented himself as a “political scientist” and Tracking The Leopard Meroz, has investigated his new business ventures driven by his new false credentials. Let’s recap the fraud from Viji Varghese. First he was a high level banker from the Royal Bank of Scotland and a contributor to economic think tanks. Additionally, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese all perpetuated the theft of the late David Wilkerson’s predictions from 1973; regarding Europe and then Japan being the first to collapse economically.



So when the “Jesus” talk was no longer profitable he recreated himself as a political scientist who is now repairing credit for a fee. Does this make any sense? I worked in wealth management for major financial institutions and top level traders and heads of departments make from $750,000 a year to millions. They do not leave banking and start repairing credit while appealing to people suffering with economic despair.   

Tracking The Leopard Meroz, has uncovered the new business fronts and the new business dealings from these frauds. Sadly, George Nory, of Coast to Coast AM, participated in the fraud and he too must be held accountable for promoting fraud. There is really not much else to say, except click this link and educate yourself on the many faces of “V” the Guerrilla Economist, aka Viji Varghese. When your done there head over to Omega Shock this gentleman has done quite a bit of research on the entire trio.

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