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The website Tracking The Leopard Meroz, investigated Viji Varghese, who goes by the name “V” the Guerrilla Economist, who is a Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann creation. He used a false banking history and operated without an investment license charging the gullible $500 an hour for worthless investment advice. This trio of frauds use Jesus to entice listeners they are “anointed” and doing the “Lord’s” work with precious metals. After they milked every silver and gold coin from their listener base the trio pursued independent ventures to milk a new market segment.

Viji Varghese, (“V” the Guerrilla Economist) reinvented himself as a “political scientist” and Tracking The Leopard Meroz, has investigated his new business ventures driven by his new false credentials. Let’s recap the fraud from Viji Varghese. First he was a high level banker from the Royal Bank of Scotland and a contributor to economic think tanks. Additionally, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese all perpetuated the theft of the late David Wilkerson’s predictions from 1973; regarding Europe and then Japan being the first to collapse economically.



So when the “Jesus” talk was no longer profitable he recreated himself as a political scientist who is now repairing credit for a fee. Does this make any sense? I worked in wealth management for major financial institutions and top level traders and heads of departments make from $750,000 a year to millions. They do not leave banking and start repairing credit while appealing to people suffering with economic despair.   

Tracking The Leopard Meroz, has uncovered the new business fronts and the new business dealings from these frauds. Sadly, George Nory, of Coast to Coast AM, participated in the fraud and he too must be held accountable for promoting fraud. There is really not much else to say, except click this link and educate yourself on the many faces of “V” the Guerrilla Economist, aka Viji Varghese. When your done there head over to Omega Shock this gentleman has done quite a bit of research on the entire trio.

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • rolltide

    I know for a fact that you knew of this fraud WAY before you said ANYTHING about it. Only after they kicked you to the curb, and then you taking some time to stew about it, did you warn anyone of this crap. Makes me wonder if you’re just mad that you weren’t included.

    • Do tell how you know what I knew for a fact. Let’s start there with your silly accusation. I am the only one out of that scene who has a legitimate IT career with Fortune 500. I do not have to lie or deceive to make a living. My site is not my bread and butter. So get your facts straight. My relationship soured with Viji when I learned the facts and told him it was wrong. You know nothing about the true nature of those events, but you certainly start out by making false claims. What does that say about your character? If you cannot explain how you knew for a fact I knew he was a fraud long before I said anything, you are a liar. How would I know he was defrauding elderly widows financially until they contacted me? I was not part of that ever. I was not part of any precious metals transactions ever. So I did not know until people came forward. So again get your facts straight because you sound like a bitter troll your idols were busted. Be angry at them…not me.

      • rolltide

        Can’t remember if it was in the comments here or in emails with you. I knew something was up when they tossed you aside, and I knew there was more to it than you were saying. I point blank asked you what “it” was, and you responded; “Why don’t you ask him”…speaking of “V”. So you knew something then. It wasn’t til months later that you started the revelations about “Viji”. I stopped the emails and coming to this site because it very obvious you were hiding something, and not telling the whole story.
        Do you REALLY think I care if you ban me? Haven’t been to this site in a long long time and haven’t missed it a bit. I just cruised in today cause I’ve had too much free time on my hands today. Ban me……..please!

        • rolltide

          You also need to get your story straight. You stated in your first post about the fraud Viji, that you were friends with him you met him at Best Buy and he was friends of both you and your wife. How you were both living for the Lord and such. Then he started as a guest at Hagmann, and you were concerned that he was being deceptive. This was back when I listened to Hagmann show daily. I remember the first time “V” was on. Later on “V” said he had a friend who he asked Doug to get on the show, who had some amazing discoveries about $100 bills and Jewish magik. I also listened to that show. So YOU KNEW that V was a fraud and he REFERRED you to Hagmann show. YOU KNEW he was claiming to be someone he wasn’t. If you had any decency about you, you wouldn’t have went on with them…..PERIOD. YOU KNEW and tried to climb on board with them. So YOU sir are the liar, and a hypocrite. Now ban me, that’s all I need to say….except YOU need to repent as well as the thugs you later exposed.

          • Yes, I did write the truth and will continue to stand and support the truth. On my initial appearance on Hagmann, FOR MY SUPER BOWL ANAYLSIS. Not as you erroneously stated for the Hebrew symbols on the $100 bill as captured in your second response. Proving you do NOT have your facts straight!

            I actually did not realize Viji lied to me UNTIL I read the “V Files” on Quayles website where Viji claimed he worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland. It was only then I had proof he lied to me and this was YEARS later.

            Prior to that an elderly widow emailed me receipts from a precious metals transaction she was shorted $3,000 by Quayle and influenced by Viji the dollar was going to collapse.

            I write under a pseudonym myself and just the fact Viji was not using his legal name did not make him a fraud. SO I did not SEE him as a fraud in the beginning until I realized it was HIM who wrote Quayle and CLAIMED to be a high level banker for the Royal Bank of Scotland. HE LIED TO ME ABOUT THAT. HE IS A LIAR.

            Furthermore, during this time my late wife was battling Stage 3 breast cancer and that was my world and my focus. Not some alternative radio conspiracy stuff. If you were rationale and infused with common sense this would add up.

            So with your logic, Tom Cruise, operates under a different name so now he is a fraud? What makes you a fraud is when you LIE and DECEIVE people and then take their money. I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY OF THAT! This also effects my ability to procure new contracts in the IT space because during a background check I have to explain being involved with financial frauds.

            Does it make ANY sense I would jeopardize a lucrative IT career taking care of my wife and three sons. Every time I have to discuss this part of my life I am incensed Viji LIED to me.

            Many literary personalities have written under another name and that does not make them a fraud. Your accusations are baseless and your points have no weight with me. Thanks for giving me the incentive to write another post about this and a video!

            Finally, I have NEVER lied about any of this. SO believe what you want to believe and you repent yourself for casting aspersions without careful review of the facts.

            That Sir, is defined a prejudice.

            PS: If my site does not matter stop commenting with your erroneous blather.