MAJOR Solar Event: The SUN Captured Blinking or Sending Morse Code?

MAJOR Solar Event: The SUN Captured Blinking or Sending Morse Code?

There was an outdoor event in Nigeria on October 17, 2017, and the Sun turned out to be the star of the event. A cell phone camera captured awe struck revelers observing the Sun BLINKING like a faulty light-bulb or reminiscent of someone stranded on an island sending signals to be saved. I myself have never witnessed this and my first thought was it a faulty camera; however, it is obvious the many in the crowd were stupefied at the behavior of the Sun. 



You would think the world would have seen the blinking Sun, but we all know the Earth is not flat.Because the Earth is spherical viewing the Sun is based on angles and this is why hemispheres are cyclically experience night and day at different times, but I digress. What would make the Sun flicker like this? Another valid question: Is the Sun conscious? Was this a message to the people of Earth to gaze at the Sun? In the 13th century there is a wealth of paintings illustrating the Sun’s association with Christ and His Disciples. The Sun is more important to our spiritual development than the church systems teach.


"Wisdom is good with an inheritance: and by it there is profit to them that see the sun." - Ecclesiastes 7:11 (KJV)


The Sun is the great giver of life on the Earth and there is so much ancient knowledge that is yet to be vetted regarding the Sun. How can the Sun be flickering or blinking? I have never seen this, but it obviously was and so many in the crowd stopped what they were doing to watch. In my opinion the Sun is sending us a message and I am going to break out the Morse Code key and investigate if this was a message. Using an existing mode of communication we can understand.

This site has covered strange anomalies in and around the Sun for years. One in particular was a gigantic ship or biological entity that plugged into the Sun as if at a gas station. I followed up with a NASA investigation into the matter and it was claimed to be a natural phenomenon. The thing is there are ancient artifacts that show triangles on the Sun with ships skirting out of a triangle opening. When it comes to the Sun there is something more than meets the eye.



There is also a Biblical prophecy which stated there will be 3 days of darkness for the entire Earth. This means every hemisphere of the Earth will be dark and this will last for 72 hours. Is the Sun giving us warning as a precursor to this event? We can assume there will be prepping necessary for this event spiritually and physically. Great fear will grip the lands and the animal kingdom has an uncanny ability for dealing with natural events. The real question is how will mankind respond when the Sun goes dark for 3 days?

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