5 Points Flat-Earthers Will NOT Touch!

5 Points Flat-Earthers Will NOT Touch!

Do you want to know why their is a resurgence “flat-earth” gobbledygook and a so-called connection to the Bible where the “shape” of the Earth is going to strengthen your faith? It all stemmed from a distrust of NASA and anything Federal. When asked why other superpowers like Russia and China have satellite images of a spherical Earth there images are immediately classified as “fake.” Suggesting that Russia and China are working with NASA. The next disregard for a spherical Earth is low education in mathematics, science, and astrophysics.

Gone are the days of earning your stripes through education, internships, or residency to become a subject matter expert. Now you can just declare yourself qualified and speak as an authority on just about any subject. From a psychological stand point there are many people who are followers and take a snappy diagram hook line and sinker. Next, the shade tree theologians take a Hebrew word like a “circle” and although there is no dimensional qualifier used it to describe a “flat” Earth. 

Totally omitting the fact the Earth has a magnetic field and ozone layer surrounding it. In fact, the Earth is a complex bio-dome which many dimensions that were not detectable until the Information Age. You can debate about interpretations until the cows come home, but NONE of the flat-earthers can explain away 5 points that can be demonstrated nor do they like to discuss a Greek legend who proved the Earth was spherical thousands of years before NASA was created. For folks that believe the “flat” Earth will bring you to Jesus, find in the Bible where Jesus said, “Verily I say to thee, discover the shape of the Earth to get close to me.”

Here are 5 points “flat-earthers” cannot touch or omit from their presentations. 


1. Coriolis Effect

An apparent force ultimately due to the rotation of the Earth. It is the Coriolis effect that makes the air in storms rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere.



2. Why people in different hemispheres see the moon in a slightly different way?

Different countries see different phases of the Moon on the same day. Everyone sees the same phases of the Moon, but people south of the equator who face North to see the Moon when it is high in the sky will see the Moon upside down so that the reverse side is lit.



3. Why does gravity make planets round?

All of the planets are round because of gravity. … The force of gravity, pulled this molten material inwards towards the planet’s center into the shape of a sphere. Later, when the planets cooled, they stayed spherical. Planets are not perfectly spherical because they also spin.



4. Long and short-range air navigation are based on spherical Earth

Air transportation economy requires flying shortest distance, which in the case of spherical Earth are Orthodrome arcs. Rhumb-line navigation has little practical use in long-range flights, but has been presented for historical reasons and for comparison. Database of about 50 major international airports from every corner of the world has been designed and used in testing and route validation.



5. Eratosthenes

Eratosthenes, (240 BC) is best known for being the first person to calculate the circumference of the Earth, which he did by applying a measuring system using stadia, a standard unit of measure during that time period. His calculation was remarkably accurate. He was also the first to calculate the tilt of the Earth’s axis (again with remarkable accuracy). Additionally, he may have accurately calculated the distance from the Earth to the Sun and invented the leap day.He created the first map of the world, incorporating parallels and meridians based on the available geographic knowledge of his era.



In closing, we are living in a time where people are easily deceived. Many of these alternative media flat earth “leaders” have found another way into the pocket books of the people. By cleverly using Scripture to overlap known science they have created a captured market of followers all the way to the ATM. Flat earthers can argue about the “curve” like people did in the Dark Ages, but they can never explain away the by products of a spherical Earth in motion. 240 BC, provided a snapshot in time eclipsing NASA as the basis for a round Earth.

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