Rolling Stone Magazine Confirms Doug Hagmann is FAKE NEWS!

Rolling Stone Magazine Confirms Doug Hagmann is FAKE NEWS!

I am not one of these people who like to say, “I told you so!” Less than five years ago I put my neck on the line exposing Doug Hagmann was and is a liar, i.e., an alternative media yarn spinner, shameless, spineless exploiter of false facts, and most of all a false Christian. You cannot be a follower of the teachings of Christ and knowingly make false statements to enrich yourself and your “circle of trust.” I was unknowingly and temporarily roped into Hagmann and Hagmann radio through Viji Varghese, who operates under “V” the Guerrilla Economist. 



At the time I was unaware of the depth of the false claims by Viji Varghese including he was a “high-level” banker from the Royal Bank of Scotland.  It was not until 2017, after reading the “The V Files” conspicuously promoted to this day on I learned Viji Varghese lied and defrauded millions of listeners he had bona fide banking credentials and economic career. I had no idea I was placing my own banking career in jeopardy by associating with frauds perpetrating criminal acts on the public. Of course when I realized this I was livid and immediately printed the truth here.

I started out exposing the fact Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle were using fear in conjunction with Biblical scripture to sell products to enrich themselves. I later learned through an article on, Doug Hagmann, was making false allegations on the radio. Being an investigative journalist caused Marinka Peschmann, to investigate his claims and none of it yielded any evidence. Once I ran the story on my site, Doug Hagmann, Steve Quayle, and “Pastor” Langford, dedicated a portion of their radio performance to slander myself and Marinka Peschmann with false allegations.



Their gullible sheep sent me hate mail and left malicious comments on my website claiming these greasy con-men were in fact honest. Now, the Rolling Stone magazine has confirmed everything I said was true. Doug Hagmann, uses fake sources with absolutely zero documentation to promote fake news. Marinka Peschmann, came to the exact same conclusions and her reputation (and mine) were besmirched on their  radio show.



Not one person ever apologized for belligerently attacking me for telling the truth. During this time my late wife was in the last stages of fighting breast cancer and Doug Hagmann, Steve Quayle, and “Pastor” Langford had no issues lying and filling her with fear for the safety of her family. Meanwhile, the pathological liar, “V” the Guerrilla Economist (Viji Varghese) receded into the background and still promotes himself as a bona fide banker on radio programs like “Coast to Coast AM.”Even though he knowingly promotes himself using fraudulent banking credentials and job resume.

The most popular faces of the alternative media are nothing more than liars who prey upon the naievety of their listener base. Why did it take Rolling Stone magazine to demand evidence to realize this is fake news? Doug Hagmann, back peddled and contradicted himself so much he even stated, “You might think my sources are dog crap.” No, Doug, I do not. At least dog crap is real. I can see it, smell it, step on it, and pick it out of my shoes.

Most, if not all of your sources do not exist. Marinka Peschmann, aptly pointed out your NSA allegations were false like most of what you promote on your site. Like Alex Jones, promoting you as a “former federal prosecutor.” Doug Hagmann, claims to be a stellar investigator, yet “V” the Guerrilla Economist (Viji Varghese) was a couple of years out from selling televisions at Best Buy and Doug Hagmann promoted him as a “high level” banker.

I certainly PROVED Viji Varghese (“V” the Guerrilla Economist) never held a banking license by using FINRA’s “Broker Check” and you will find Viji Varghese has never held a banking license of any kind. Where is my barrage of apologies from the gullible sheep from the Doug Hagmann camps who left nasty “Christian” comments on my site? You were all man enough to talk smack then! Be man enough to apologize now! The Rolling Stone article is titled, “Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal” and Doug Hagmann is smack dab in the middle of it. The writer, Amanda Robb, pulls no punches and holds Doug Hagmann’s feet to the fire.



When she is done with him, Doug Hagmann, admits he has no documentation nor can he produce a source. In essence, “Pizza Gate” was fueled by hearsay and in a court of law is as valuable as fools gold. Doug Hagmann, is just what Alex Jone’s claimed to be in his divorce trial…a performance artist. I TOLD YOU SO!   

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