Cardi B – “Something is Wrong With the FOOD!”

Cardi B – “Something is Wrong With the FOOD!”

Cardi B., is literally a story from rags to riches as she is now the reigning Hip Hop queen with 4 singles in the Top 10. She is of Dominican descent and she grew up in the projects of the Bronx. Cardi B. spent some time as a stripper and then received a break and appeared on the television show, “Love and Hip Hop.” It was there she expressed in interest in rapping and the rest is history. What is fascinating now and she is slowly putting the pieces together…something is very wrong in America.



That is the food and water. Cardi B., has a reference point from the Dominican Republic and that is the food is fresh. I can cosign on to that because I had the best steak of my life there and the fruit was even sweeter! Cardi B., even wants to get her parents out of America and back to the Dominican Republic. Cardi B., wanted to know why fruit last so long on the shelves in America. Well, that is because fruit is blast with gamma radiation to ensure longer shelf life. The FDA claims it is safe, but is it?

Cardi B., even senses her life could be in danger for spreading light on this subject matter. Cardi B., does not understand the business she is in is run by Satanism. The poisonous food and water system is run by them too! Soon, she will have to make a choice and decide who she wants to serve. Now if we can only get her to stop telling women to sell their bodies she will be good. 

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