DoD Releases Classified UFO Footage

DoD Releases Classified UFO Footage

As we inch closer to the Second Coming certain prophetic events must be fulfilled and the global elite has their own hand to play off it. They know we are somewhere in the middle or near the end of the “Beginning of the Sorrows” as told by Jesus in Matthew 24:6-8. This means their time is short before Jesus returns with an angelic army to destroy all of their kingdoms. The global elite is relying on the confused masses playing a role and most likely fighting back against their own salvation. 



UFO propaganda is nothing new and Hollywood has profited off it since the 1930s. The problem with UFO propaganda is it is devoid of ancient narratives and relies on other planets as the origin of alien life. There are ancient accounts of UFO, but they are associated with the Most High and certainly embodied in Vatican paintings; even in the sky when Jesus was crucified. Now we are seeing a pattern of Department of Defense (DoD) releasing formerly classified footage of fighter pilots recording UFO.



What this approach is doing is lending credence to the UFO fantasy while influencing the subconscious there is another planet that is the homeworld of these UFO. Meanwhile, we have ancient accounts of civilizations inside the Earth and an angelic class of beings who left their first estate. Who are this angelic class and they are in fact another species of sentient life? This is exactly what Biblical scripture tells us, yet the masses are ready to believe the UFO and alien connection.


They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, even the LORD, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land. - Isaiah 13:5


What we can expect is more DoD classified footage being leaked to the media and a greater discussion of UFO culminating in an announcement alien are real. The media does not even consider these UFO could be manmade and deeply classified. There is a Biblical prophecy that speaks of God’s army coming from a faraway land from the edge of Heaven. This suggests there is certainly life on another planet, but it is related to the angelic army. I will admit this is a confusing subject, but I am leery of any investigation that does not cover all of the bases.

Since America is now releasing formerly classified footage of UFO I expect other countries to join the big reveal. Why now is the question?

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