Who Was REALLY Behind The Syria Chemical Attack?

Who Was REALLY Behind The Syria Chemical Attack?

On Friday night, April 15, 2018. The US along with Britain and France attacked 3 positions in Syria believed to be chemical weapons storage or preparation facilities. This after the president of Syria, Bashaar Al Assad, was accused by the free world of using chemical weapons against his own people in Douma, Syria on April 7, 2018. This response by the west hurried into action the evening before chemical weapons inspectors were due to investigate these claims. The coalition attacks delayed UN investigators by a day and is under scrutiny anyway because the area had already fallen into Syrian and Russian control who are blamed for the attack causing concern of evidence tampering.

The Western coalition of nations involved in the attack are all parroting the same narrative that Assad was behind the chemical attack on his own people. There are several reasons why this makes no sense, and the narrative that is being echoed should be questioned. Syria and its civil war is a complicated and complex matter with not a few bad actors involved. The main actors we hear about are Assad, Putin, and Russia with a little Iran sprinkled in for flavor here and there. This sounds cozy and convenient, after all Russia has been the bad guy behind everything from Hostess going bust to Climate Change. Russia has effectively replaced the terrorist boogeyman on the block.

I would challenge these assertions, not because I’m a big fan of Russia, but rather I’m a fan of the truth. According to a Kurdish academic source that I keep regular contact with, it is believed that the chemical attack that occurred on April 7th was orchestrated by Iran. It is believed that Iran has been developing chemical weapons in Syria and attacked Syrian civilians for the purpose of drawing the US and Russian into a wider conflict knowing that Assad backed by Russia would be blamed. It is in Iran’s interest to divert attention away from it’s activities and aspirations in Syrian, Iran, and other places by distracting the US into a conflict with Russian.

It is rarely understood by most Americans Iran’s roll in middle eastern and global affairs. Iran is the hidden hand behind so many events that have perplexed Americans like Benghazi. Iran is a deep rabbit hole. Beware that if Iran was behind this attack and the coalition response does not illicit retaliation by Russia something else is coming, courtesy of Iran. My prayers are with the Syrian people who are caught in the middle of this hell on earth.

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