Spiritual Bankruptcy: Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Spiritual Bankruptcy: Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

I binge watched the “The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” over the last week and I realized I was watching art mimicking reality. This show was proof to me Biblical values are dead and carnal desire coupled with witchcraft is the new norm. Another name for this show could have been, “Do what thou wilt.” Reason being everybody allowed carnal desire to drive their choices. Although the series featured a few Jewish ritual scenes in season one the characters certainly did not practice the laws. 


For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.	Romans 8:6 ESV 


The real backdrop to this series was wealth, opulence, promiscuity, and self-interest. The series even included wiccan and seance rituals to further include alternative spiritual practices other than the Bible. The audience witnessed the top %1 in action here and money was no object and only a means to further promiscuity. This series is a reflection of the new norm and it is a norm devoid of spiritual direction. Jesus taught mankind to live in conformance with Universal Law. 



What people fail to realize is there are consequences for living outside of Universal Law. Spiritual Law was taught so mankind could live in harmony with Universal Law. We were given free choice and that choice comes at a price. We cannot constantly seek flesh and pleasure without neglecting our Spirit. This causes an imbalance that must be corrected. This correction comes in the form of judgments to the Earth. Is it possible there is a correlation between collective behavior and extreme weather events?



According to Scripture, the Most High uses weather to reward or to punish a people.  If you believe there is a Creator Consciousness directing all things then you know this is plausible. Why are there more extreme weather events, sinkholes, and earthquakes occurring? I believe shows like, “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” is the spiritual litmus test for this outcome. Why do Hollywood writers go out of their way to remove the Bible and endorse witchcraft in their screenplays? 

It would be a different story if they omitted all things supernatural, but they choose to omit the Bible while promoting Wicca.  The main character in this series is played by Lisa Edelstein, who played Dr. Cuddy on House. She is going through a divorce and gives her body away like flyers in a mailbox. During her divorce proceedings, she claimed her Jewish Faith was paramount, yet she lived her life as if spiritual values were not included. Shows like this are training videos for the audience to aspire to for careers, lifestyles, social engagements, and mating.


He makes these things happen either to punish people or to show his unfailing love. - Job 37:13


All of these things have spiritual teachings in the Bible, but this series was more about sex at any and every opportunity. Wicca was cleverly inserted as the spiritual mechanism for their success and even the Jewish woman participated, even though this is outlawed in the Torah. Series like this are training videos to suppress spiritual activation of an individual. Jesus demonstrated Spirit power through a human vessel as a display of what is possible…for all of us.  Shows like this are rooted in keeping us trapped in the material.

It appears no one believes we have access to GREAT POWER because the focus is not on this. People are chasing material dreams and silly flat earth theories. As if any of that has a value or variable for our Salvation. Honestly, I struggled to watch this show and did it only for research purposes because giving your body away in lust sells tickets. Science now promotes every man a woman has sex with leaves DNA in her body. The Bible tried to protect us from this through law, but if you watch this show you will see sexual intercourse is all that matters.

As a result of being spiritually aware and having the ability to understand invisible laws I know we are at a point of great destruction. We can blame ourselves for being here and allowing our neighbors to jeopardize the health and safety of our families. Just being tolerant is a green light for the destruction of Biblical values designed to protect us. These Universal Laws are not designed to control us but to allow us to live in harmony with the Universe of the Most High. I have heard people say, “The Bible was created to control people.” 

How can that be true when we were given free will? There are no controls. Laws do not stop rape or murder do they? What stops these egregious acts are people realizing the consequences of their actions. Until people understand our collective consciousness have spiritual ramifications we will continue to be victims of our own actions. Stay woke. 😉 


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