Technology The Replacement For Spiritual Powers

Technology The Replacement For Spiritual Powers

Sure technology is a blessing in some forms. Who can argue with the cotton gin during the Agricultural Age or spreadsheets for financial calculations during the Information Age? Obviously technology is clear cut beneficial, but we are maturing into a space where it is the replacement for our spirituality. Destiny and fate is replaced by dating apps where love stories now revolve around login ids.



The Orwellian Age is becoming a fixture on the landscapes of our reality and this ties into controlling the masses. Privacy is a thing of the past and soon the police will scan crowds fishing for criminals. This will come at the expense of your own privacy. Why are we on this road? Because we turned away from our own spiritual development. There are remnants of people who still display these spiritual powers.



There are Aborigines who send telepathic messages to each other miles away from each other. This is a clear example of “text” messaging which technology needs an infrastructure to apply.  Once you become spiritually activated you no longer need to rely on technology. We possess amazing gifts that ancient humans demonstrated to us, yet we abandoned are own spiritual nature. Technology is a dead end when compared to spirit because there is mechanism to house the soul.  

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Michael Erevna

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