Lombok, Indonesia: 6.9 Earthquake Rocks Tiny Island

Lombok, Indonesia: 6.9 Earthquake Rocks Tiny Island

Mother Earth is clearing her pipes and ready to stand up and sing. Maybe not the final ginormous earthquake the Bible references in the Book of Revelation 11:13, but what a day for great earthquakes. Luckily for the island of Fiji, an 8.2 earthquake rippled through tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean. Fiji survived unscathed, but this powerful quake reverberated to Lombok, Indonesia.



An 8.2 quake is massive and quakes of these sizes can affect the spin of the Earth. These are the great quakes at the end of this Age. These great quakes affect the infrastructure of the Earth as well. They are known to affect the “plumbing” of the Earth and we must keep our eyes out for subsequent sinkholes. Lombok is an Indonesian island east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, part of the Lesser Sunda Island chain.



Lombok residents were seen scrambling into the streets for safety and their humble homes resemble war-torn sections in a military skirmish. I tend to believe low-pressure volcanic pockets are ramping up and I will not be surprised if soon we hear of active volcanic activities.  I was once asked if God is behind the earthquakes and the answer is yes, but not what you think. The prophecy speaks of this time because it is time. 


These things must happen because the earth is going through birth pains like a mother giving birth. This metaphor speaks to something new being birthed and the physical features of the Earth will be new. I gravitate toward the belief the poles will flip and what is filled with water will become drained. The Earth will expose fresh land and seas. Keep your eye on these times because as prophecy resonates so will these events.

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