Religion: The Long Spiritual Journey to Futility

Religion: The Long Spiritual Journey to Futility

Let’s be honest we are all at different developmental points in our spiritual journey. Some enthusiastically embrace Scripture and are more than happy to share quotes when appropriate. Some are excited to be lumped into the Chosen People and endeavor to become experts on how they fit the bill. Sadly, both scenarios lead to spiritual futility. It does not matter if you are a year to twenty years into this journey because at the end of the day you cannot display one thing a Disciple did.


You can learn all the Hebrew nomenclatures your mind can store but the real efforts of the Teacher ubiquitously known as “Jesus Christ” was a demonstration of the Power of Spirit. People seem to overlook this and feel it is more important to become experts on other areas of the Bible. Blacks feel if they are part of the Chosen People they are above all other people and waking up is all that is important. We are supposed to strive to demonstrate what Jesus promised us through demonstration.

Anything else is a failure and an exercise in futility. Yahusha, (Jesus Christ) early ministry was to show humans we are more than just human. Changing your diet and a purifying the mind and heart is part of the equation. People gush about the Holy Spirit but that is something that changes you into a new creature. How is this possible?

How can you truly become a new creature? I believe this means a change in your DNA. There is a process to achieve this change and it is more than changing your diet and being pleasant. Otherwise, a lot of people would serendipitously receive the Holy Spirit. We were born into a world where the Jesuit Order of the Vatican infamously ferreted away the true spiritual process. This should explain why no one since the Disciples demonstrated the Power of Spirit.


The Vatican has made sure the world is trapped in a material based Faith. Most of you reading this will not get it until 20 years later down the road. When you still cannot demonstrate one thing Jesus demonstrated. Being lumped in with the Chosen People is not a get out of jail free card. The beginning of the ministry of the Son of God was to show people we are not just human.

Celebrities co-opted ancient artifacts in order to stain them so people will not investigate their true nature. People are quick to label ancient things pagan with really no solid research behind them. People from all walks of life jump into archaeology with great hubris. They play their role in the echo chamber and ancient secrets stay hidden in plain view. Yahusha, did not incarnate into a human body to start a religion.


This is something man birthed because Jesus was about a demonstration. He showed you the money and the beef. Now demonstration is relegated to philosophy and the pride of man drives this antiquated train. When ancient men of the Bible received the Holy Spirit it was a physical observance from a “solar dove” to a flying “flame.” I believe both of these can be linked to the Sun.

There is another path which the Vatican hid long ago before the creation of other churches. The small minded will always seek consensus as they echo chamber a demonstrate-less spiritual superiority. There are other countries like Africa where men are demonstrating the same abilities of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Who in Chapter 3 of the Book of Daniel, were the three Hebrew men thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon.


If we truly begin to demonstrate the Power of Spirit we should be able to heal a true cripple person. I am not talking about these fake churches who claim to do this, but a real person with medical records born a cripple and who will then walk. Or you will be able to resurrect the dead. We live in a time where this is not happening and we must rely on ancient accounts.

1 Thessalonians 5:5

You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.

It appears religion, the Chosen People, and spiritual cultivation is now a cult of personality with zero demonstration. It is time to revisit the ancients, especially the ancient symbols celebrities have obscured with their associations. We are imbued with great power by the Most High yet none will ever realize it because they think it will just happen without process.

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