It’s Hard Out Here for the Devil: Lucifer TV Series Begs For Better Ratings

It’s Hard Out Here for the Devil: Lucifer TV Series Begs For Better Ratings

Even the Devil is finding it hard to hold down a television show with today’s fickle audiences. After three seasons, Fox Network clipped Lucifer’s wings and canceled the show. However, Lucifer was given a second chance and was picked up by Netflix for season four. Now the word on the street is if the ratings are not strong this will be the final season for Lucifer and well I guess he goes back to hell without an Emmy.



Lucifer is really a propaganda machine sensitizing the viewers that Lucifer and his demons have many redeeming qualities. Lucifer is diametrically opposed to the Most High and promotes a pleasure-filled sinful lifestyle. Romans 6:23 teaches, For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Lucifer is a television show about false prophecy, tolerance, pleasure, and lust; and this is what the show is about in between solving police cases. This is what legitimizes Lucifer with the viewers is that he is doing some good while being devilish at the same time.

The satanic characters are not only likable, but humanized to the point they are deemed no different from the rest of mankind. Lucifer’s demon is Mazikeem and even she is being humanized to the point people are identifying with her sexuality. Ironically, this identification is not enough because Lucifer is begging people to tune in save the failing show. Lucifer is a DC Comics property and featured Lucifer Samael Morningstar and was later parlayed into the titular television show.



Beware of the propaganda Lucifer is selling because according to scripture Lucifer and his demons hate mankind and want nothing more than human kinds company in hell. Strangely enough Lucifer speaks with a British accent and is quite the ladies man. He performs at his sultry night club which is also his home and Lucifer pines for the affections of his detective partner, Chloe.  Lucifer and his demon Mazikeem have even grown fond of Chloe’s daughter.

The story is loosely based on Biblical scripture but the writers certainly take liberties outside of Biblical scripture. We will see if Netflix’s gamble pays off with Lucifer, but in the meantime the irony of the Lucifer TV cast begging for people to watch is hilarious. 

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