The Earth Is Under Judgement: Plagues, Fires, and Floods

The Earth Is Under Judgement: Plagues, Fires, and Floods

The media will not tell you this but the Earth is under judgement from the Most High. He sent plagues to the Earth to not only capture the attention of the world but for the world to repent. Society has spiraled so far from His Laws and most are oblivious to the reality of the Most High. Covid 19 is just the beginning and I believe 9 more plagues will be coming! The people have veered too far from righteousness in their hearts and malice is growing.



Television peppers the airwaves with consistent marketing for LGBT lifestyles and this further infuriates the Most High. So much so, He has shutdown the Earth! This is how you know it is Him because His signature effects the entire world. Remember the Most High flooded the entire Earth and now His plague has shutdown the Earth. He single-handedly wrecked the American economy and forced people to stay in their homes.

The Most High setup the scenario where people would have to stay home and ponder their spiritual states. This allows some to return to Him or He will see who He will cast out. This is the beginning of the destruction of modern day Babylon. You can feel it in the deepest part of your gut . . . something is about to change radically. 2 Esdras (also called 4 Esdras, Latin Esdras, or Latin Ezra) is the name of an apocalyptic book in many English versions of the Bible. Its authorship is ascribed to Ezra, a scribe and priest of the 5th century BCE, although modern scholarship places its composition between 70 and 218 CE


1 Woe be unto thee, Babylon, and Asia! woe be unto thee, Egypt and Syria! 2 Gird up yourselves with cloths of sack and hair, bewail your children, and be sorry; for your destruction is at hand.3 A sword is sent upon you, and who may turn it back?


Please not Asia is in the cross hairs as well. This is where the Covid 19 virus sprang-forth and then spread around the world. It is very important to understand the symbology as well, such as sack clothe. Sackcloth came to mean a garment, made from such cloth, which was worn as a token of mourning by the Israelites. It was also a sign of submission (1 Kings 20:31-32), or of grief and self-humiliation (2 Kings 19:1), and was occasionally worn by the Prophets. It is often associated with ashes.



In this case the sack clothe mandate comes with the promise of destruction. To Asia and modern day Babylon which is America. The sword symbolizes an “Act of God” which is destructive to the human race and it cannot be reversed. The Most High is using lightning storms to ignite fires and this summer will bring record breaking fires. The Most High is also going to send heat waves to Babylon, Asia, Egypt, and Syria.

It is going to get so hot asphalt and car tires will melt. He is also going increase solar radiation to effect the human skin causing third degree burns for people in some areas. It was a mistake for the American LGBT culture to go after the children. Every time there is win for the LGBT agenda like where a school district approves sex ed curriculum that teaches 3rd-graders about anal sex. It comes at a spiritual price affecting the entire world. The Most High has been waiting for “Judgement Season” and the world is about to get its report card.



Esdras also speaks of tribulation which we are in now. The plague locked down the cities and during this time George Lloyd was murdered by police officer. This is a troubling time for America and powder keg is about to explode. This is also a time of great spiritual distress. People who “acted” like good Christians are now having trouble “being” good Christians. A spirit of conflict and fear has entered their hearts. These people are now justifying violence against others while sharing scripture!

Esdras also states the wicked will not turn from the ways. Meaning they will keep furthering the LGBT agenda and racism will become deadlier. America law enforcement is killing the Chosen People (a people in amnesia) and great wrath is coming. I say this because Esdras speaks of the Most High knowing the hearts of men. There are many men with polluted hearts filled with fear and racism. We are seeing this now.

The Most High is also going to flood cities around the world. People have to recognize that each year the weather is getting more extreme. This is a result of the choices of our collective conscious. These choices are transforming American society into ancient Rome. Ancient Romans and Greeks openly practiced forms of pedophilia, although it was not legally or morally regarded as it is today. Forms of pedophilia were common among nobility and were often seen as rites of passage for the youth involved in them.

Below lets take a look at how spot on 2 Esdras 16 is regarding currently unfolding events on the Earth!


2 Esdras 16 Revised Standard Version (RSV)

Further Denunciations

16 Woe to you, Babylon and Asia! Woe to you, Egypt and Syria! 2 Gird yourselves with sackcloth and haircloth, and wail for your children, and lament for them; for your destruction is at hand. 3 The sword has been sent upon you, and who is there to turn it back? 4 A fire has been sent upon you, and who is there to quench it? 5 Calamities have been sent upon you, and who is there to drive them away? 6 Can one drive off a hungry lion in the forest, or quench a fire in the stubble, when once it has begun to burn? 7 Can one turn back an arrow shot by a strong archer? 8 The Lord God sends calamities, and who will drive them away? 9 Fire will go forth from his wrath, and who is there to quench it? 10 He will flash lightning, and who will not be afraid? He will thunder, and who will not be terrified? 11 The Lord will threaten, and who will not be utterly shattered at his presence? 12 The earth and its foundations quake, the sea is churned up from the depths, and its waves and the fish also shall be troubled at the presence of the Lord and before the glory of his power. 13 For his right hand that bends the bow is strong, and his arrows that he shoots are sharp and will not miss when they begin to be shot to the ends of the world. 14 Behold, calamities are sent forth and shall not return until they come over the earth. 15 The fire is kindled, and shall not be put out until it consumes the foundations of the earth. 16 Just as an arrow shot by a mighty archer does not return, so the calamities that are sent upon the earth shall not return. 17 Alas for me! Alas for me! Who will deliver me in those days?


If you take the time to read this verse you will see once these “arrows” are shot at Asia and Babylon there will be no changing the outcome. Furthermore, there will be more than one shot at the Earth. Asia is responding to several plagues and more will coming. THESE PLAGUES ARE A RESULT OF NATIONS TURNING AWAY FROM THE MOST HIGH. China has persecuted Christians and even perpetrated mass Bible burning. While the Nation of America has lost its natural mind. The last straw was directly targeting children where 3rd graders will receive mandatory education on anal sex.



I knew when society began to target children through drag queen nursery reading hour at local libraries and anal sex training at seven, the beginning was near. The Most High knows if the children are corrupted it will be a total generation of absolute corruption, hence the judgements. There is no evidence Covid 19 was designed in a laboratory. The Most High is going to make this clear with the next global virus that this is an Act of God.


In heaven the LORD laughs as he sits on his throne, making fun of the nations. — Psalm 2:4


The mass protest in America will also spread these plagues at a faster rate. This is why America is leading the world with Covid 19 cases. We are smack dab in the middle of tribulation while many short sighted people wait for tribulation. Asia and America are in the cross hairs of the Most High and guess what? He does not miss! The best we can do as a people is repent, pray, and remove any malice or racism from the heart.

It is so important to repent as the prophecy of Esdras unfolds on the Earth. While everyone is arguing about whose life matters more plagues, fires, and floods are about to be kicked up a notch. The prophecy of Esdras will coalesce into an asteroid striking the Earth, a global earthquake, and a solar event. These judgements will prove to be devastating to human populations around the world. No one is safe now because most have placed their intellect above the Most High.

People are more worried about the Illuminati, Free Masons, CERN, and the “Deep State” than the prophecy of the Word; or behaving as student of Yahusha. None of the aforementioned can compete with Him yet fear drives the souls of many people on Earth. Esdras also says even after the plagues mankind will return to their wicked ways. This is why the fires and floods will be worse this year. The Most High is trying to get the attention of the people so they realize their wickedness and repent.



In closing 2 Esdras is prophecy which is history written before it happens. The Most High is shooting arrows at the Earth in the form of plagues, fires, and floods. Asia, Egypt, Syria, and Babylon are in his cross hairs. Covid 19 started in Asia and now the entire world is fighting against it. More plagues are coming and there will be no cure. Be very aware Black people because there is a Covid 19 vaccine protocol initiated in Africa.

One of the first conspiracy books I read circa 1991 was titled, “AIDS: The End of Civilization.” True it was not the end of civilization but I did take note the World Health Organization (WHO) administered a Hepatitis vaccination program allegedly laced with the AIDS virus. Three months after WHO left the continent of Africa…AIDS exploded into the population. I say this to illustrate prophecy says the arrows will not return…meaning there is no cure; anymore than there is cure for the common cold!

All we can do now is repent, pray, and ask Him to protect us during this time.

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