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  • Manna Made

    I notice that no comments are being accepted on the subject of Sandy Hook? Spooks get to you? Its my opinion that Sandy Hook was staged. I wonder if anyone was killed there at all! The parents seem to be actors. Most of the information given by OFFICIALS don’t add up and conflict with other information. Is anybody aware of the Facebook page that was created Dec. 10th 4 days before the shooting occurred that was a REST IN PEACE PAGE for the substitute teacher that supposedly saved all those children and then was killed? I saw it the day of the shooting and then the next day it was gone. How about the FACT that the rifle was left in the trunk? The killer had 2 pistols with a total of 26 rounds. He never missed a shot. 20 children killed and 6 teachers. 26 rounds right? Where did the bullet come from that he shot himself with? The Medical Examiner stated on TV that they were all shot with AR15 rounds! None of it makes sense. Therefore I do not believe it really happened. It’s more likely that the mother was shot with the AR15 and so was the shooter and then his body was taken to the scene. There are so many other discrepancies that they have to shut up because there is no way to cover their tracks. This is a staged set-up by the Obama Administration to further their agenda of dis-arming the populace. Would you like to become an actor for a staged drill such as Sandy Hook? Go to this site… BTW in order to be a member you have to be certified by FEMA 1st. WTF really?