A glorious day for biblical evidence as one of King David's palace is discovered! Close to Jerusalem is the uncovered fortress city of King David. Archeologist excavated a pair of building structures which belonged to King David including a storeroom.

Animal Planet has been busy promoting theories on mermaids and early humans. In one segment, they travel back 6.5 million years to Africa where early "humans" covered in thick layers of hair, migrated to beaches to forage for food.

I am admittingly late in the game on this one but I was so impressed with the creativity and ancient glimpse into the past regarding the giant gods of the Earth. The horror film "The Cabin in the Woods"

Comic books are the alternate universe where legions of fans suspend disbelief and accept imagined stories by writers and graphic artist. They allow the human mind to envision super-human abilities and see other worlds teeming with extraordinary cultures and characters.

The passing of Neil Armstrong has reignited many theories of what actually was witnessed during his trip to the moon. Many say the truth was suppressed in order to shield the world's religions from destruction. How could any of

Catholic followers are not going to like this post, but reap what you sow. I never understood how people can submit their will to the Catholic Church. The origin of the Church is evil and not much has

There is nothing new under the Sun and to the independent researcher this proves often true, more often than not. Who knew the "Thug Life" glorified by the Hip Hop social movement has ancient origins? The earliest

Later this year, a documentary about ancient Mayan discoveries is bound to blow the lid on the secret of the Sun. If this proves to be authentic, it gives credence to the theories of many researchers, the

The Pope is wearing his "Saturn Hat" as he waves to his fans and worshipers.  Why would the Pope wear a hat dedicated to symbolize the Planet Saturn?  When you realize the relationship of Saturn throughout the Ages to Black

I just watched a pretty amazing video illustrating advanced complex technology used in ancient Peru and Bolivia.  It is apparent laser cutting tools and advanced mathematics were used to create some structures from stone.  It also appears some stone was

Not many of us discuss the possibility of life inside the Earth.  Put more succinctly a thriving technologically advanced "God-fearing" ancient culture?  Throughout my research I have always stumbled across stories of other people who experienced life inside the Earth. 

In the third installment of "Secret of the Sumerian Tablet" we are better able to analyze images on the tablet by using a microscope. It validates principles of the tablet and confirms elements of witness accounts of the work

Barring meeting the woman of my dreams, and the birth of my children, this has been one of the most exciting 48 hours of my life. I spent most of my day in a forum, at GodLikeProductions.com, in a thread,

The ancient Sumerian tablets are so old, it would be thousands of years before Moses was born! They predate the birth of Jesus Christ by 4,000 years.  The majority of these tablets were uncovered in the mid eighteen hundreds from

The Pyramid "energy beam" story of Chichenitza, Mexico has been out and about since 2009. In fact, it is quite old news. The funny thing is three days ago I was going to post this story; but,

As we look at our civilization today many would agree we are in a moral decline. Spirituality has been overshadowed by the quest for the almighty dollar, material gain, technology, and sexual conquest. It is really sad

Bible scholars and students this one is for you. Defining the Nephilim is critical to understanding our future according to Bible prophecy. Early Biblical scholars erroneously translated the word Nephilim to mean "giants." It was later correctly translated

Being an independent researcher is great. You learn the origin of most things you see today. As I get older, I find myself turning into my father; constantly, throwing one of his clichés into the conversation. Just the other day

"Two things only the people anxiously desire bread and circuses” - Juvenal

Rome, 410 A.D. an empire that covered hegemony over the whole known world has crumbled. A victim of rotting from within. I will not bore you with Rome, nor

Zecharia Sitchin gained fame as an author of a menagerie of books written of his interpretation of Sumerian tablets.  Allegedly he was one of a handful of scholars who could translate the cuneiform of the tablets.  Honestly, as I looked