Before I begin let me preface this post with my personal journey with comic books. As a military brat, my family moved quite frequently. Long-term relationships with childhood friends were not really possible because at that time there were no

How many times have you seen a prison movie where inmates find out another inmate is about to be paroled? Once the word spreads the soon to be paroled inmate is usually abused more and taxed of things of value.

It seems every quarter the Earth is demonstrating great change and the world is truly in the throes of upheaval. The thing is none of this is new especially under the Spiritual law...there is nothing new under the Sun.

Many of us out here who are independent researchers are aware of many prophecies in the Bible and other ancient prophecies. If we are aware of them so is the power base they are targeted which I call the elite.

If you have studied ancient prophecy including Biblical prophecy you would know we are in the time of the "Beginning of the Sorrows." This is a time of extreme weather, pits (sinkholes), and great earthquakes. There is a connection

This post for me is not terribly heart felt, but at the same time watching this presidency play out has been quite entertaining at best and absurdly ridiculous at worst. I don’t really participate politically, and I have less than

I finally got around to watching the movie American Satan and I realized it was nothing more than a standard Faustian propaganda film to condition the masses on the attributes of satanism. There was no creative ambiguity with the main

The speed of life in America is designed to distract you from the important things in life. It is the pursuit of money and your survival needs which is the greatest distraction in this life. We rarely have time for

There is an awakening to the plausibility dark skinned people were scattered throughout the ten kingdoms as slaves. As more information is aggregated there is convincing evidence the true Chosen people as discussed in the Book of Deuteronomy, were in

The media is domestically centered when it comes to reporting on events. You assume floods are only happening in the United States when the world is dealing with flooding. There are other events plaguing the world and each year "Acts

There are many Believers out there who are full blown truth seekers and once you become one there is no going back. There is no unseeing the true nature of reality and we are called to prove all things including