I have been fascinated with flying cars ever since I was a toddler. I was first introduced to flying cars watching the Jetsons and after witnessing Star Trek communicators morph into ubiquitous cell phones of today, I knew flying cars

The Internet has turned into a dangerous place of hive minded followers who guzzle the Kool Aid of their favorite personalities with a blog, video, or podcast. They place their complete trust in their cult of personality and will argue

The "pink" moon, came and went, the night of April 11, 2017, and it was quite underwhelming. Frankly, it looked like any other regular full moon and there was no pink tint at all. After breaking the telescope out and

Prior to the Fukushima, Japan earthquake in 2011 many occurrences of deep sea fish and sea monsters were reported to have washed ashore on Japanese beaches. It is well documented that earth changes have strange effects on animals and sea

It is funny how popular culture television shows like Sid and Marty Krofft's cult classic "The Land of the Lost" is the conceptual forerunner of ground breaking scientific discoveries. Scientific circles are celebrating the mind boggling discovery that "time

Anytime you deal with technology expect change every 6 months. As the "selfie" market progressively matures we have seen advancements with forward facing cameras to the invention of the selfie stick. Even the selfie stick has evolved to integration with

After the Flint, Michigan water debacle publicly served water has been under greater scrutiny. Not enough for it to makes its way onto the political stage as an issue facing the American people, but it sure should be. If you

Every now and then a game changer emerges and Airo is as an off-the-grid must have list. They basically miniaturized elements of an air conditioner and if you have ever had a window unit you know there is constant water dripping.

The recently published theory of a "ninth" planet (when it really should be the tenth) by researchers at the California Institute of Technology has caused a ground swell of Nibiru post inundating the blogosphere. Meanwhile, there are several videos circulating

Biblical scripture can be used as a dangerous tool to deceive those who choose to be deceived. If you are not promoting the lessons Christ demonstrated to the world and have set yourself up as a "spiritual teacher" in order

Looking at the photographs taken by the Light L16 leaves you speechless because you realize any amateur photographer can take pictures like a professional photographer with it. It is as if anyone holding the Light L16 has expert knowledge of:

We are at an age where if you can imagine it you can build it or if you see it you can replicate it. With MakerBots plastic prototypes are now affordable and can be manufactured from the comfort of your

Who isn't tired of blurry or fuzzy pictures of UFO or out of focus strange looking creatures popping up on YouTube? If these amatuer videographers had the DEVFO Digital Binoculars they would not only be watching video in high definition