Last week, if you read the article and watched the video for the article titled "2012: Is Biblical Prophecy Almost Fulfilled?", you would have seen a gigantic UFO, looking like it was charging from the Sun. At 12:40 into

The first quarter of 2012 was inundated with strange trumpet sounds proliferating in diverse places around the world. Some called it a hoax and many experienced vibrations and or heard the eery sounds emanating from the sky. The best

February 2012 was filled with UFO or Orbs around the world.  The only thing that stands out to me about these UFO is they have certainly evolved.  Remember when UFO look like two pie pans glued together? Or a saucer

Australian tourist visiting Monument Valley of Colorado video taped some of the scenic rock formations. Later on the realized they captured more than beautiful rocks. They also captured a silver saucer streaking across the sky! They slowed down

It appears the UK is gaining ground as a UFO hot bed.  Outside of Bawsey Woods King's Lynn in the UK, an amateur videographer using night-vision captured over 40 UFO.  This is one of the most compelling terrestrial videos I

The Internet is buzzing with chatter about the London 2012 Olympics and a "False Flag Attack" during the Olympics.  The theory is based on strong possibilities based on meticulous analysis.  The first was discuss by Rik Clay prior to his

Let's jump right into a growing theory, UFO are living creatures. Is this far-fetched to you? It should not be if you read the Bible. Right smack dab in the Book of Ezekiel is the story of a living

Twenty-Twelve, is off to a roaring start with UFOs. These most recent sightings are very similar and the video quality is not that bad. My theory is these UFO will land this year! Why you ask? Because I

Are you interested in scouring the night sky for satellites or UFO? You have seen footage all over the Internet and now would like to know what you need? Well search no further! After reading this article and arming yourself

I am convinced these "so-called" brilliant minds and talents of Hollywood movie producer/directors are nothing more than plagiarist. I am saying they are copycats, "biters" (for the Urban audience), or they just fail to credit the inspiration for "their" creativity.

I was perusing through YouTube one rainy evening and I came across a Channel I was amazed by the content. I could kick myself for not downloading the videos to my hard drive for posterity. The Channel at the time