Giant Human Evidence

Giant Human Evidence

I will show you one picture to start of with and you will agree this is a GIANT! If this photo has not already been debunked I shall continue.  The rumor is the Vatican ferrets away all of the giant bones and other evidence into a private warehouse and it is guarded by men with big guns.  If Michael Jackson wanted the Elephant Man’s bones what makes you think an all powerful ancient religious  cult would not want the bones of giants?

Read this excerpt and take a look at this video:

“Compiles evidence and pictures of Giants to build a convincing case that this Nephilim race is REALITY rather than Biblical “mythology.”

Not only have there been repeated archeological discoveries of giant bones and skeletons from ancient times… to the 1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s and present… but there ar4e mountains of records from cultures all around the globe. Furthermore, there is genetic evidence that their lineage is stll a part of the human gene pool, known as acromegaly or giantism today.

Giants are not only seen as a small percentage of the human race, but they have also been reported in UFO / Alien encounters around the globe… especially in Russia.

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