Stars Wars Similar to Ancient Earth History?

Stars Wars Similar to Ancient Earth History?

I am convinced these “so-called” brilliant minds and talents of Hollywood movie producer/directors are nothing more than plagiarist. I am saying they are copycats, “biters” (for the Urban audience), or they just fail to credit the inspiration for “their” creativity. Here is my case and point. George Lucas the creator of the insanely successful Star Wars franchise brought us many imaginary technologies like the Millennium Falcon or the Landspeeder, etc.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of the said Landspeeder:

“Landspeeders are fictional antigravity craft used through the Star Wars movies and Star Wars Expanded Universe. They are depicted both in civilian and military capacities, and several versions have been merchandised as toys and models.”

What if I told you there is ancient physical evidence of  this “Landspeeder” on Earth? Well there is, in the Temple of Abydos, in Egypt! Clearly carved on a bas-relief in the Temple is a Landspeeder, tank, helicopter, and perhaps an underwater vehicle . No bones about it, it is a perfect match! Take a gander at it below and let me know if you agree.  You do not have to be Batman to see the similarities here.

Carved at height of about ten meters right above the entrance of  the Seti Temple in Abydos over 3,000 years ago


I am sure you see my point now and realize there is nothing new under the Sun.  And you thought the Wright brothers created the airplane? It is apparent the ancient Egyptians possessed advance technology and unparalleled achievements even to our standards today. I have to wonder how much and where did George Lucas get his Star Wars story from, and from whom? The world of Tatooine is very similar aesthetically to Egypt.

This leads me to another one of his Star Wars creations and this is the Millennium Falcon. I was shocked to see this same shaped UFO in the Space Shuttle 75 now infamous “Tether Incident”.  And it looks suspiciously like the Millennium Falcon.  It is clear to me there is an origin of the inspiration/creativity of Star Wars and it looks like reality.


Millennium Falcon from Star Wars


UFO from Space Shuttle 75 Infrared Camera

People like to speculate about aliens and say, “Is there other life out there?” and the answer is yes. There are stories of Fallen Angels, Star People, Watchers, and the list goes on. We do have ancient records of the history of the Earth and it seems George Lucas has turned them into fantasy.  I am sure there is truth in his Star Wars franchise and is up to us as independent researchers to ferret it out. I will leave you with the meticulous research of David Sereda regarding the STS-75 “Tether Incident” and please let me know what you think?

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