The Prophet of 11:11 – Rik Clay

The Prophet of 11:11 – Rik Clay

How come the most talented or thought-provoking people die before their time?  Does God have His own version (of course He does) of American Idol called Heavenly Idols?  I do not know; but, “we”  left on Earth have to suffer his loss and grieve in our own way. This is how I feel about Rik Clay (Rik Clay RIP 1982-2008) and I will never forget him. For those of you who are math challenged he was 25 years old when he died…just 11 weeks shy of his birthday.

I first heard Rik Clay (a United Kingdom citizen from Leeds) speak on Red Ice Creations radio station sharing his extensive research on the 11:11 anomaly sweeping the Earth. If you never heard it prepare to be fascinated with the bizarre occurrences of 11 and 11:11.  To be so young and obsessed with 11:11 led Rik down a path of extreme esoteric knowledge omitted from the educational systems of the world. Some say he used psychedelic drugs like LSD or magic mushrooms and expanded his consciousness before he was mature enough to deal with the psychological ramifications.



As an independent researcher myself I was amazed with his breadth of knowledge on 11 and I wondered if he stayed alive,  how smarter the rest of us would have become.  Since his untimely demise I have experience no one else with his detective skills. Of course Rik tackled the reoccurring 11s (if you have not heard of this Google “911 and the number 11”) from 911 but he went farther back to facts like the monarchy of England did not begin until 1111, or 1111 x 1111 = 1234321, the relationship between 1234321 and the pyramids, the Sun’s sun spot cycle is 11 years, and the Mayan Calendar’s Galactic conjunction (ending on December 21, 2012) occurs at 11:11 Universal Time, etc.

He also focused his attention on the murder of Princess Diana and the relationship to ancient sacrificial sites (sacred geometry) and perhaps the elites are manipulating ancient knowledge against the non-elite. Not a surprise after realizing through the Occupy Wall Street movement, 1% of the population controls 99% of the population. This is just the tip of the iceberg of Rik’s research and he seemed to be on the path of something major. He later segued into the 2012 Olympics in London and the relationship between 2012 and a nefarious scenario unfolding.



Of course he implicated the Royal Family but I am extremely skeptical of this theory. After Dr. Joye Pugh alleged Prince William is the “actual” clone of Jesus Christ.  Her theory was Jesus Christ’s blood was removed from the Shroud of Turin and William subsequently was cloned. After seeing William grow up I can not disagree more strongly than by saying I doubt a God would have a receding hairline and need Rogaine before he was 33. Now let’s get back to Rik.

I know I am reaching calling Rik a prophet but his research is so compelling and connective and  if  “they” were threatened by him making his death appear as a suicide is not a stretch. Initial reports were he died of adrenal failure but this was not proven. I often wonder if he discovered death is freedom and you transform into light or something at death (when we all lose 21 grams of weight) like the movie “Powder”?  All I know is please listen or watch his research and spread the work. Cheers Rik Clay you are missed.


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