Crop Circles for DUMMIES

Crop Circles for DUMMIES

I do not mean to be offensive with the title of this post! Many people are totally in the dark with the crop circle phenomenon. Some of the crop circles have been debunked and proven to have been created by people; however, MOST of the crop circles you are about to see could not have been. Why, you ask? Because these were all done over night! Quite frankly, if I was a farmer I would be pissed off and I would be jaded toward the artist. Could they have least left me a pot of gold or something!?

Anyway, when you gain an understanding of Sacred Geometry you will see a correlation between the crop circle and the creation pattern. Plato said music is nothing more than frozen geometry. The more you expand your consciousness the more these crop circles will make sense. The first video you will see will give you an understanding of the creation pattern.

As you can see there is an invisible science to everything. Does creation sound like it spontaneously existed? Or is this by the hands of a an architect? Main stream science will have you believe creation was an accident. It just came to be. Do you not see the intelligent design behind this? Now you have a point of reference, let’s take a look at the crop circles.

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Michael Erevna

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