Racist Rant: Voice of Many?

Racist Rant: Voice of Many?

Emma West, the woman charged with racially-aggravated public order offense after a video showing a ‘racist’ tram rant went viral, has been granted bail in time in time for Christmas. If you are one of the millions of people who missed this here it is, again. I am writing this on the National Holiday for (MLK) Martin Luther King, Jr. Who left a legacy of civil rights and planted the seed of racial equality.

He would be proud to see the American people who voted in Barrack Obama, as the first “African” American President. MLK would be discouraged with the high school drop out rate (52%) for Black students. Or the fact, Blacks in corporate America, at the Managing Director level, is like the show, “Sightings”. For all of the progress there is a long way to go. The Black community has been shattered and there is no battle cry for a medic.

I could go into the systematic approach to the why; but, I thought it would be better if you watch the Emma West racist rant on the train in the UK. If you focus on the psychology of this woman, you will come to the conclusion, she was speaking for many. She felt safe and saw she was around enough of “her” people to fear a reprisal. It makes you think how these racist people talk in private. Please watch this video and look at how she confidently spews her racist venom.

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Michael Erevna

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