Jesus Will Return Soon?

Jesus Will Return Soon?

Will Jesus return soon?  This is the question many people are asking these days.  According to one YouTube producer the time is closer than you think!  He goes by the name KijaniAmariAK and (also has a website he is an avid researcher and self-proclaimed servant of God.  He gained a following with his “Satanism in Hip Hop” series where he decoded Satanic symbols replete throughout Hip Hop videos.  After watching these videos you will come to the conclusion: Why!?

Why are these Satanic and Pagan motifs used by so many entertainers? If anyone is an expert on Satanism in Hip Hop Kijani Amariak will be at the table.  As his film making skills matured he armed himself with Strong’s Concordance and began to decipher the original meaning of words in the Bible.  He segued into a tying Old Testament and New Testament Prophecy into a synthesis of  today’s unfolding events.  Although not all of his interpretations have been 100% accurate,  he makes it clear he is a “child of God”, and not a prophet.

His work has been attacked by pastors, atheist, and racist.  This tells me he must be doing something right. Whether fueled by jealousy, hatred, or dis-information, his critics have yet to hinder his resolve. I have witnessed his maturity as a videographer to a bona fide producer with a Biblical message.  These days he focuses on world events and builds a bridge between them and Scripture.

If Kijani’s research is correct, the Middle East is ripe to explode into Word War III,  setting the stage for the unequivocal appearance of “the” Anti-Christ.  Only time will tell,  in the mean time, rest assured Kijani will be steadfastly producing more videos!


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Michael Erevna

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