2012 UFO Sightings UP!!!

2012 UFO Sightings UP!!!

Twenty-Twelve, is off to a roaring start with UFOs.  These most recent sightings are very similar and the video quality is not that bad.  My theory is these UFO will land this year! Why you ask? Because I believe there is something very special about 2012. Many cultures share into this theory as well.

The United Kingdom is the new hot bed of UFO sighting so far in 2012. Most of them look like glowing orbs of white and orange light. I know I am dating myself, but they remind me of an episode of the Brady Bunch, when Greg fools his brothers with a flashlight, a clear plastic sheet tied to tree, and a whistle.


I am just saying! I do not want to put it past anyone or any Government. Can you imagine the laughter behind the scenes if this is true! But let’s say this is not an elaborate hoax and the UK and the Italy sightings are real.  Then the question begs: Who are they? Let’s take a look at the UK footage.

Now the Italy footage is taken at twilight and much better quality. It was filmed in the forest of Siniscola. There are two objects in the video and they give off an orange glow. They move in tandem and are definitely intelligently controlled. The audio in this video is in Italian so focus on the emotion of the language.

Finally, this last video addresses the volume of UFO sightings are up in January 2012.  Why the big increase in sightings? Why is the UFO theme becoming a staple on the news stations? As you can see this creates more questions than answers. What do YOU think?

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