DNA Activation 2012?

DNA Activation 2012?

Did you know quantum physicist, have concluded time and space, are an illusion of perception?  Meaning the reality we perceive is a “curtain”,  and what is behind the curtain,  is the real world.  How is the possible you ask? Earnest Rutherford,  who is known as the father of nuclear physics, discovered the interior of an atom is almost completely empty space!  How could this empty atom make the solid world around us?

This means our consciousness does not really reside in our brains.  This is another misconception, of our true nature, coupled with our perception of individualism.  Where we all feel disconnected from each other; yet, in truth we are all connected.  Take the Aborigines of Australia for example, who have the ability to communicate telepathically.  Does this not prove we are connected?  No need for a cell phone tower!

Quantum physics has now discovered,  there is a field connecting everything together.  Which means we are all connected to each other. The more science understands the true nature of the Universe, the more they prove the existence of the Spiritual realm, managed by a Super Consciousness,  aka, God. Yes,  it is now proven,  at the essence of all matter,  is consciousness.

Sometimes, we naturally morph back to our natural state, when we connect to other people.  Sometimes, you end up finishing someone’s sentence, or know who is calling,  before you pick up.  The question is:  Why is this no longer our natural state of mind?   The educational system conditions us from birth to program the left-side of our brains. Take the brain test

Let’s not jump to deeply into this but the left side of the brain governs:

  • Analytic thought
  • Logic
  • Language
  • Science
  • Math

While the right side of the brain governs:

  • Holistic
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Art
  • Music

The American educational system places an emphasis on left side development.  As a result, the right side of the brain is less developed than the left side of he brain.  This is also known as the suppression of the feminine.  Yes,  females are naturally inclined to access the right side of their brains!  In essence,  we are trained to use our brains in an unbalanced matter. It is this imbalance which has caused people to lose our connection with each other, the Earth and Universe.

Did you know,  ancient cultures considered Earth, to be a living, breathing entity with a heartbeat?  Today this is known as the Schumann Resonance of the Earth. They also considered, the Universe to be a living conscious entity as well.   These same concepts are being proven scientifically by quantum physicists around the world.  We need to revisit the past and figure out how these cultures knew the secrets of the Universe.

It seems that the general frequency of this tone was around 8Hz (or 8 cycles a second). You will probably come across a more precise number, like 7.83Hz but that is just an average. Now the general frequency is escalating to more of 13Hz cycles a second.  What is really interesting, is our brain waves are regulated, by the Earth’s Schumann resonance.  If humans do synchronize to the new resonance,  we will be in a Beta wave state. Long story short is, it will be like meditating! More on Schumann

Will this be time when we realize are bodies are nothing more than vessels who connect with the Divine mind? We are here to experience the physical creation and relay this message to the Divine Mind in real-time.  It is this human collective experience exchange, which will act as the human evolution trigger.  Many of us are aware and have broken the chains of our educational system. We are the 100 monkeys!

Our human bodies have 7 chakra points, and there are 7 continents on Earth, with its own chakra points!   If you have never read the Bible, you will learn the number 7, is very important and associated with God.  There are also 7 Angels who blow 7 trumpets to affect the changes to the Earth.  More frequency based association to the next evolution?  Is mankind about to experience the activation of all 7 chakra systems!

When the last trumpet blows we will all be changed. Does this mean we will be able to use 100% of our brains?  I suggest you watch the movie,  “Limitless” to get an idea of the neophyte potential if this happens.

How is any of this possible?  Well,  according to the Mayan priest, we will all be changed, as a result, of the Earth’s proximity to the Galactic Center.  This is where the photon electro-magnetic energy, in conjunction with cosmic radiation,  will be transmuted to a  new configuration; consequently, creating the new 5th Sun. As the new energy bathes the planet,  in its rays,  our DNA will realign with the new light.  More on DNA

The governor of the switch,  is now understood, to be human emotion.  It is the bio-chemical activation key to the initiation sequence.  Yet again, we have circled back to Love vs. Fear.  As you know everything about Love is good and Fear is the umbrella of everything bad. What happens when two frequencies are not in line with each other? Say the new cosmic energy is a love frequency and you are full of a fear frequency?  This is known as phase opposition.  Basically,  you will be cancelled out!  Quite frankly,  you will not be missed, either! More on Phase Angles

I know I am speculating in this post;  but, it is important we open our hearts and minds to process this possibility.  In the words of a retired Admiral, I worked for,  “It is like giving a dead man an enema. It can’t hurt!”

Perhaps,  all of us will rise together or maybe just some of us. Or maybe the change will be more subtle and reflected in how the world begins to join together in harmony?

Time will tell . . .

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