Giant Evidence is REAL!

Giant Evidence is REAL!

I am happy to announce we have a new writer coming to Revelation Now!  He is an independent researcher with a passion for ancient and modern giant research. He will be an incredible asset to the community. I have watched his video productions on YouTube and he has done his homework!   His work is extremely informative and provocative regarding giant research including physical evidence.

I will give you a sample of his writing here.

“My general opinion is that most of the giants I have encountered in my research were natural variations within human/hominid kind mostly from 7 to 9 ft tall, sometimes over 10-12 ft. Some were abnormal in growth but others indicate tribal or genetic/racial variation. Then there is another category I would call “supernatural,” or “metaphysical” giants, these seem to be the beings attested in the old testament Genesis 6, and as we know from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah angels or “sons of god” can manifest in the physical flesh and take the form of men. Mike Heiser has studied the ancient Hebrew and Aramaic texts and comes to this same conclusion, as well as Steve Quayle, Chuck Missler and David Flynn and many other Christian writers.

It could well be that all three of these types of giants are at play, and have given rise to the complex legends and history of giants mentioned in every culture. Some have made convincing arguments that the finding of mammoth bones or fossils of Dinosaurs sparked the imagination of ancient writers who mistakenly interpreted them as human giants and “heralds of woe.” This might explain some of the super tall 20 ft and up claims, but doesn’t address the historical encounters between real giants and men documented by all ancient cultures.

I have a lot of data on giants in my files I collected over the past 10 years.”

We will be announcing his name very soon!  In the meantime, enjoy one of his video productions on GIANTS!

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