Flying People Seen in New York City

Flying People Seen in New York City

Normally the average New Yorker has seen it all.  As long as the Cloverfield monster does not disrupt your commute or destroy your “street meat”, it’s not your problem.  However, today was different. New Yorkers, looked up in the sky and saw not 1, 2, but 3 humans flying through the skyline and around the Statue of Liberty!  Of course the police were called, to inquire if they knew, people were flying close to the buildings!

The answer was, “Yes”!  It turned out to be a very catchy marketing stunt that has gone viral.  Come to find out it was a promotional for the movie “Chronicle”.   It opens this Friday,  where 3 teenagers suddenly acquire super powers.  It might just be a sleeper hit because of the soft viral marketing approach.

Take a look at the video and see what you think.  I really feel sorry for anyone there who had smoked a hallucinogenic drug.  They were probably like, “Jesus has come back!”…

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