Super Bowl Half Time Show: Sumerian Symbols

Super Bowl Half Time Show: Sumerian Symbols

I know this sounds bat-s%*t crazy to most people, but,  for the people who research ancient civilizations, it is not.  I watched one of the best Super Bowls of my life.  I was sitting on the edge of my seat 3 feet from the flat screen.  I watched the half time show and Madonna came out dressed like a Sumerian Goddess.  I sat up in my seat and wanted to see what else would stand out.  I did notice a symbol connected to the Sumerian or Fallen Angel age.  Also, images saluting the Sumerian Bee Goddess! More about the bees here

The last image you see, is Ea,  also known as Enki,  in the Sumerian culture. He is a “God” who descended from space with other Gods, who setup shop in Mesopotamia.  There is also a connection with these Gods to Fallen Angels.  This image is alive and well in our generation; obviously supported by artist in the music business.  If you asked me to be a back-up singer and wear a T-Shirt with “666” on it,  I would tell you to go piss up a rope.

This is exactly what drives all of this Illuminati conspiracy theory talk with Madonna and many other artist.  Why would she have this symbol above the stage for all to see?  What is the purpose of this? Why would a symbol or the image of the God of Fallen Angels be shown to millions of viewers?

As you can see this creates more questions than answers!  It is very bizarre for this to be the theme of the Super Bowl Half Time Show.  You will also notice they incorporated space into the show as well. At one point the whole stage turns to space with stars and everything. It did look cool. All of these themes point to the Heavens or a Sky God, also known as the Prince of the Air.

There were also Egyptian costumes worn by Nicki Manaj and M.I.A.  Again, selecting another civilization who worshiped many Gods.  The same corrupt civilization where Moses had to free his people from physical and spiritual bondage.  At least the next time you are by the water cooler and you hear this. You will know what’s up.  In the end, all that really matters to me is that the Giants won!!!


PS:  See how many other ancient symbols you see in the Half Time Show besides the “All Seeing Eye”.  I have counted over five already.  Leave a comment if you see more!

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