The Real Nephilim: Please Stand Up

The Real Nephilim: Please Stand Up

Bible scholars and students this one is for you.  Defining the Nephilim is critical to understanding our future according to Bible prophecy.  Early Biblical scholars erroneously translated the word Nephilim to mean “giants.” It was later correctly translated to mean the “Fallen Ones”.

Jude 1:6

And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

This Scripture clearly and unequivocally states the Fallen Ones descended to Earth.  Is there any archeological evidence stating beings who descended from space?  The answer is yes.  The Sumerian civilization had a name for them and it was the Anunnaki.  The translation for Anunnaki means “those who descended from above” or “those who were cast down”. This means there is a direct link between Scripture and this particular civilization.

Picture of Annunaki

The Sumerian civilization is intriguing,  because most,  if not all scholars, agree it popped up out of no where.  Out of the blue, you had a civilization with advanced architecture, science, math, writing, astronomy, astrology, arts, weapons of war, politics, and spirituality.  The spirituality part, is where there is also evidence, they were Fallen Angels, if you will.  All of the Anunnaki demanded to be worshiped as “Gods”!

The regular human folk who were down with this received “divine” protection and other amenities from the “Gods”. These amenities included agricultural abundance, advanced weapons, and for the women…hot butt naked sex!  I know I am reaching with the “hot butt naked sex” part;  but,  according the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch (200 BC), the Fallen Ones took the ladies they chose!  This sounds like it would be very controversial to land on Earth and just take a man’s wife; however, there is not much said about what happened during the exchange of woman.

So let’s assume 10 to 15 feet tall beings approached me and said give me your wife.  I would look up at them, then turn to my wife, give her a long kiss on her cheek and say good-bye.  Call me a punk all you want, but, what else could I do, bite their ankles?  Those humans who did not comply with worship or wife swapping were most likely murdered on the spot.

The Fallen Ones,  divided up the continental geography,  much like you have seen in mafia movies.  This is why traveling to a new area, would result in the worship of the God of that particular territory.  There would have to be offerings and worship at the respective God’s temple or you could be unceremoniously jarred and pickled.   Apparently, there was a “God Father” of all of the other Gods.

Allegedly, the God Father’s time was regulated, based on the Earth traversing through particular Zodiac signs.  Meaning, when the Earth,  was passing through Taurus constellation,  it was the Age of the Bull.  Is it a coincidence that Moses stated,  “I am the Ram of God” and at the same time the Earth,  had entered into the Aries constellation?  Also,  is it coincidence when Jesus said, “I am the fisher of men”,  the Earth had entered the Pisces constellation?  Another classic example of  “As it is above so it is below”.

These Fallen Ones had an efficient way of running their “Spiritual Crime Family”.  Like all crime families there are always internal battles and betrayals to acquire more power and material gain.  This is why the Fallen Ones taught man how to conduct organized and strategic war.  I dare say everything negative ever taught to man was at the hands of the Fallen Ones.  The Annunaki also claim they created humans. The caveat is,  if they created us then who created them?

If they are Gods and did in fact create humans why did they demand to be worshiped?  Does your father demand you call him Daddy?  Apparently, our ancestors knew better,  and did in fact worship another God, not from the Spiritual Crime Family.  Enoch certainly did! He worshiped the God of the Bible more than 200 years before the birth of Yeshua, the Son of God.

Enoch was under Divine protection because not even a hair on his head was touched.  The Fallen Ones knew of his relationship with The Most High and eventually petitioned to be forgiven, with Enoch as their messenger! This also proves the Fallen Ones fear The Most High! For all of the power and influence by “The Prince of the Air”; aka Satan, the Fallen Ones, asked the God for a pardon.

There is not much else to say here, except read about the Sumerian civilization yourself and you will come to the same conclusion.  If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck, then . . .it’s a Fallen Angel!

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