Whitney Houston Death: A Blood Sacrifice?

Whitney Houston Death: A Blood Sacrifice?

As the world mourns the loss of a voice, who belted out hit after hit, other researchers have presented a Spiritual case of a blood sacrifice.  Whitney was found dead submerged in a bathtub of hot water. While her dead body laid in a hotel room, her mentor Clive Davis, hosted a party in the same hotel. If you were her mentor would you have been in the spirit of celebration? I find this to be very bizarre!

Then again nothing about the music industry should surprise us anymore.  We just watched the “Queen of the Qabalah” (Madonna) perform a ritual during half time at the Super Bowl.  If you study the Qabalah they worship many  Gods and Goddesses. The question is who was this ceremony for exactly?  Then we have to endure the talentless Nicki Manaj’s Satanic Catholic ritual during the Grammys.  It was so blatant there is no need to expand on it.

Nancy Grace, American CNN legal commentator, television host, television journalist, and former prosecutor. She claims Whitney Houston’s death was not an accident.

Music industry producer below heard TWO loud booms from Whitney Houston’s room

So here it is, there was a televised Satanic ritual Super Bowl Sunday on February 5, 2012.  Six days later. Whitney Houston is found dead underwater, in a bathtub. On February 12, 2012. we have to suffer through the performance of Nicki Manaj during the Grammys. The question is: Was her death really an accident?  The music industry is the beneficiary of the death of any high-profile artist.  She has been the number one download since her death. Somebody is getting rich off her death.

There is another perspective on the death of Whitney Houston.  The Biblical and Ancient Pagan Spiritual War perspective.  Meaning, there are people today who still practice and worship Gods and Goddesses. It is quite easy to forensically match up sacred pagan dates and the Gods with unexplained deaths today. Today, we will feature the work of Kijani Amariak to connect the dots of the spirit world and the death of Whitney Houston.   Please feel free to weigh in on this after watching the video.

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