Goodbye: Whitney Houston 1963-2012

Goodbye: Whitney Houston 1963-2012

I watched the funeral of Whitney Houston today with millions of other people.  It was the most beautiful service I have ever seen. I could only wonder at my sense of loss how her family and friends felt due to her untimely death.  The depths of their sorrow must be immense.  She was the soundtrack to our lives. Her voice was unlike any other I have ever heard.

My father introduced her music to our family.  He bought her album on cassette (don’t laugh, I know! For those younger folk who know not what this is: Google “cassette”) and stuck it in the cassette player. My brothers and sisters sat around my parents bed and we had a listening party.  I remember my father reading the “credits” in the album and my mother sarcastically said, “What else do you like about her? You sure are staring!” It was then I realized how beautiful she is and was.

I can’t sleep tonight and I watched a memorial to her body of work and I realized I have been so busy with my life, I lost my appreciation of  her career.  What she accomplished was truly amazing! Over 170,000,000 albums sold not to mention her movie career. The many effortless octaves and vocal techniques she perfected was astonishing.  Whitney bought a new life to the National Anthem.  I do not think anyone else will ever touch what she did to that song.

I watched her funeral and I realized the USA lost a national treasure. What really stood out, was everything she had been through: addiction, bad marriage, most likely many other struggles, she never lost her LOVE of God.  The devastating reality is her family lost a daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, mother, God mother and best friend.  We can only pray for her family and keep her close to our hearts.  I truly enjoyed the words of Kevin Costner; but, I was most moved by Tyler Perry. No disrespect to any of the other speakers or singers.  I believe Tyler was filled with the Holy Spirit when he spoke.

Goodbye, Whitney you will be missed by all, we love you.  I will leave you with a video clip of Tyler Perry.

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