Whitney Was Murdered! Said Bobby Brown’s Sister

Whitney Was Murdered! Said Bobby Brown’s Sister

Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah, went on Access Hollywood in a live segment and point blankly said, “Whitney’s death was no accident.” She was advised by her attorney not to go into anymore details; but, to politely substitute the word, “murder” with “no accident.”  This is right on the heals of Nancy Grace making the claim, “Whitney was murdered!”

Nancy was vilified by many people in the press and the objective women of The View.  Let’s see how The View, addresses the family members of Whitney, feeling exactly the same as Nancy Grace.  You will notice a disinformation campaign being launched by the media regarding her murder on the Internet. Do not believe any of it. They are very nervous about this little thing I like to call the Truth!

Leolah says she has called the Los Angeles Police Department and demanded a thorough investigation.  They already botched the crime scene when they decided not to close down the hotel. Allegedly, Clive Davis asked them not to and his party had to go on. When did a record producer have more power than a police officer? I think we all know the police are going to find that Whitney took a Calgon bath and the aroma beads were so relaxing she fell asleep and drowned.

There is not much else to say because the video says it all.  Stay tuned…

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