Secret of the Sumerian Tablet (Part III)

Secret of the Sumerian Tablet (Part III)

In the third installment of “Secret of the Sumerian Tablet” we are better able to analyze images on the tablet by using a microscope.  It validates principles of the tablet and confirms elements of witness accounts of the work of Edward Leedskalnin. This video basically shows us by placing sound on the object to move while it is in the magnetic field, the mass of the object will be suspended.

This principle explains how every major structure of the world was built, including the Pyramid of Giza.  Now we can figure out how stones weighing tons could be transported over long arduous terrain. We have been mislead by mainstream academia to focus on the wrong elements of the tablet.  It is clear after analyzing the “whistling-man” in the middle, this is quite apparent and could easily be deduced using high-powered microscopes on the tablet.

Using these principles, a prototype to replicate these concepts, is right around the proverbial corner. Also, it is imperative to build a Cymatic Database and reevaluate all of the symbols in the Sumerian tablet library and ALL other ancient civilizations. The Cymatic Database can even be applied to crop circles!

Perhaps, this is the way for us to awaken other dormant DNA strands in our bodies? I am not sure; but, this is the way we should be thinking!

PS: See if you can figure out why the clip at the end of video is relevant!

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