Sacred Chant:Inside Pyramid of Giza

Sacred Chant:Inside Pyramid of Giza

I stumbled across a video while researching Cymatics and it is amazing!  The Pyramid acts as an acoustical amplifier and the resonance moves you. I have listened to this a few times already. The Cymatic modal phenomenon is like the image is singing with the chant.  It is obvious the true nature of this chant was suppressed by you know who!

This chant could be unlocking and structuring multidimensional geometries of our physical  and spiritual bodies.  My eyes have opened to the true nature of sound. It is the building block of everything! In the beginning there was the “Word”, meaning sound! The vibration is what creates and destroys.

The further we go back in time, the purer state of the people. This is something very important. It is time for us to return to the ways of the ancient people. Information is spreading across the Earth and people are open to new concepts for a reason…it is time!  The Pyramid schools were obviously used for ascension and the merging of the physical and spiritual selves.

Just listen to these ancient chants inside the Pyramid of Giza and decide for your self.

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Michael Erevna

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