Justice League DOOM:Bible Connections

Justice League DOOM:Bible Connections

The first rule of thumb you must understand about the Lucifer Doctrine is, they must state what they are going to do before they do it. This also falls under Learned Protocols of Zion and I suggest you find this book and read it.  It will lay the foundation and framework for the global landscape of today.  I found an interesting analysis of the new DC Comics movie, Justice League Doom.

The Biblical analyst draws many parallels between characters and the plot of the move juxtaposed against Biblical prophecy.  He also points out many similarities between the movie Chronicle and Doom. I was fascinated by the directing of coronal mass ejections (CME) from the Sun being targeted to precise continents of the Earth.  This would be a quick and natural way to destroy a nation without an audit trail. It also falls in line with; this is the biggest solar cycle since 1850!   Meaning there are going to be mega  CMEs like we are already seeing this year.

Another interesting interpretation concerns the mark of the Beast.  Many researchers feel this will be a computer micro ship inserted into the hand or the forehead.   The video below presents the mark of the Beast will be a genetic marker where everyone has super powers like the teenagers in the movie Chronicle. When has anyone said, “I want to have powers like Jesus.” If you think about it, the whole premise of the X-Men franchise is about those lucky humans who have mutated DNA. They are considered to be truly gifted.

Is it possible, the human imagination, has been directed to worship super heroes, to the point, where one day the genetic mutation of super powers will be offered to all?  This is a gift many humans have dreamed about after reading these comic books and watching the movies. A DNA corruption is also nothing new to the human race.  In the days of Noah mankind’s DNA was so polluted Yahweh decided to reboot the Earth.

In my opinion this is a plausible way for people to run  to the next DNA change.  Can you imagine getting into your car in the morning to join rush hour traffic and you watch your neighbor say good morning and fly away like Hancock? The Antichrist will offer this gift to all who wish to receive it.  The downside is you are doing exactly what Satan wants and the name of the Justice League movie promising your own Doom!

PS:  If Satan must share his intent with humans before he does it. Then think what a perfect vehicle cartoons are to achieve this! No one will believe it is nothing more than fantasy. The irony is it neatly matches up with Biblical prophecy!

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